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ZingX™, WideOrbit’s buy-side advertising platform, provides streamlined access to broadcast TV ad inventory from thousands of local stations across the US. TV advertising reaches over 96% of US households, making it the single most effective medium for increasing brand awareness, credibility, and trust. With technology that automates and simplifies both ad buying and campaign optimization processes, ZingX makes executing a TV ad buy faster and easier than ever before.

Expand reach with access to local broadcast TV audiences, nationwide


Media markets


Local broadcast stations


US households


Total US household coverage

ZingX’s exclusive optimizer technology learns what rates stations will accept and provides CPM guidance to ensure your offer is within range. The optimizer also automatically reallocates impressions and budget within a campaign as offers are accepted/rejected and as spots air.

Built by broadcast advertising experts to help you:


Expand audience reach

Broaden your audience by adding local broadcast TV advertising to your marketing mix


Optimize campaign budgets

Automatically reallocate impressions as spots air to optimize CPM and budget goals


Improve performance

Accurately and effectively target with impression-based buying

Boost digital conversions

TV advertising builds the brand awareness that drives digital conversions

Buying local broadcast TV advertising has never been easier

  • Impression-based buying

    Media buyers are accustomed to impression-based buying and ZingX speaks the same language, allowing you to target your audiences accurately and effectively.

  • Accurate airtime reporting

    As TV stations reconcile logs, airtimes are automatically generated and shown against campaign goals. Provides weekly impression breakdowns, with market, daypart, and affiliate summaries.

  • Consolidated invoicing

    Streamline payments with consolidated invoicing across all stations. Whether your buy includes 1 station or 100, you'll receive just one bill.

Easily manage campaigns, from offer through to delivery

ZingX Build the Campaign

Build the Campaign

Set-up campaign, target markets, day parts, budgets and goal parameters.

ZingX Allocation Details

Allocation Details

Preview and modify allocated impression and budgets before submitting to stations. Monitor/modify impressions and budgets for an active campaign.

ZingX Delivery Summary

Delivery Summary

As offers are accepted and spots air, campaign performance can be reviewed against goals.

ZingX Credit Review

Credit Review

Manage your credit documents to ensure everything is in order prior to submission to stations.

WideOrbit knows advertising

With over 20 years in the industry, WideOrbit brings a Wider World approach to the buying and selling of broadcast and digital media advertising. Our solutions leverage automation to streamline buying and selling for over 6,000 stations and networks that run on the WideOrbit platform, including 90% of local US broadcast TV stations. And it’s those customers who have made us the leader in premium broadcast and digital advertising technology.

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