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Digital order management between traffic and billing software and digital ad solutions has traditionally been a manual process, requiring duplicate data entry between disparate systems. Considerable time and resources are required to ensure proper reconciliation between linear and digital systems.
WideOrbit’s Digital Orders module for WO Traffic and WO Network is a complete, digital order management system for all types of digital ads, including digital audio, CTV/OTT, and social media ads. Digital orders can be entered directly into WO Traffic or WO Network, while integrations with digital ad managers allow performance information to sync directly with WO Traffic or WO Network for accurate and efficient reconciliation and invoicing.
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WO Network – Digital Orders will help you:

  • Streamline tv & digital ad operations management

    Manage and execute cross-screen campaigns through a single ad operations system.

  • Reduce errors and liability

    Eliminate redundant data entry for linear and digital campaigns. Reconcile and invoice both on one system.

  • Unify revenue reporting

    Create actionable reports with insights on linear and digital revenue performance.

  • Integrate with digital ad solutions

    Built-in integrations with Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, and more.

We’ve integrated with digital ad managers for added efficiency

Available with:

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WO Network - Digital Orders


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