Advanced TV Advertising

May 10, 2023

Advanced TV advertising: Balancing addressability and reach

With the increasing risk of a major recession, increasing interest rates, and historic inflation, brands are scrutinizing ad spend more closely than ever. When it…

WideOrbit ad buying and selling processes

April 26, 2023

How WideOrbit is streamlining ad buying and selling processes: An interview with Brian Thoman, Managing Director of Marketplaces

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, streamlining the ad buying and selling process saves time and effort for both advertisers and broadcasters. Creating a low-friction…

March 27, 2023

Alternate audience measurement currencies, the Joint Industry Committee, and WideOrbit

For as long as we’ve been talking about linear and digital convergence, we have also been talking about the need for a common audience measurement…

Automate broadcast tv ad sales with WO Marketplace

March 8, 2023

Automate broadcast TV ad sales with WO Marketplace to improve offer quality, maximize yield

Increasing audience fragmentation and shrinking ad budgets are hallmarks of today’s TV advertising landscape. To remain competitive, broadcasters need sales tools to help them easily…

March 6, 2023

What’s New in WO Media Sales 2022

In today’s media landscape, sales teams are challenged with generating impression-based proposals. Inefficient workflows slow execution time and new datasets add excessive complexity. WO Media…

WO Omni streamlines operations

February 27, 2023

WO Omni streamlines operations with cross-media sales, traffic, and billing

WO Omni helps broadcasters with bespoke regional requirements save time and increase revenue by centralizing cross-media sales, traffic, and billing operations onto a single platform.…

automated broadcast tv markeplace

February 21, 2023

The automated broadcast TV marketplace: What’s new for buyers and sellers

The growing demand for omnichannel marketing campaigns highlights the need for automated marketplaces that provide brands and agencies with simplified access to broadcast TV inventory.…