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Maximize TV revenue across every screen, linear and digital

A unified view of cross-media demand

A powerful Universal Product Catalog provides a unified view of cross-media demand, so media organizations can manage local broadcast and digital inventory across markets, all in one place.

WO Fusion

Truly converged selling

A truly converged selling solution empowers media companies to efficiently build multi-market proposals, including linear, digital, and reach extension, with alternate audience measurement currencies.

WO Fusion

WO Digital Hub

Maximize yield with holistic multi-market campaign monitoring

Holistic campaign monitoring across markets all in one place, with both spot and digital impressions in a single view, helps maximize yield by providing insight into the most profitable ways to bundle inventory.

WO Fusion

The WideOrbit difference

Only WideOrbit offers a truly converged selling solution that empowers media companies to increase revenue.

Multi-Market linear and digital selling

Generate one proposal across multiple markets and media types, including both linear and digital assets

Consolidated digital order management

Unify digital ad sales, operations, and finance on a single platform to automate workflows

Robust integrations

Expand workflows by connecting with existing WideOrbit systems, as well as through a portfolio of third-party integrations

Alternate audience measurements

Support for Comscore, Nielsen, and bring your own data (BYOD) for proposals and planning

Digital campaign execution

Connect with ad servers such as Google Ad Manager and FreeWheel

Performance and revenue reporting

Customizable dashboards provide instant intelligence to help publishers uncover the most profitable ways to bundle inventory

Modern, browser-based UI

Work from anywhere with a modern and intuitive browser-based user interface

Traffic and billing

WO Traffic is an end-to-end solution built for the changing local landscape, providing a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale ad sales both today and into the future. Even the largest ownership groups can leverage new revenue streams by unifying station operations on a shared technology infrastructure, one that provides a single system of record and that offers integrated solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

WO Traffic


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