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WO Long Form DR is a comprehensive web-based platform that provides a unique set of inventory management tools to maximize revenue and streamline processes associated with Long Form Direct Response (LFDR) programming.
Long form direct response advertising requires the consideration of multiple offers. Managing those offers is often a cumbersome process, compounded by the effort involved in pricing, reviewing, and titling LFDR spots. WO Long Form DR automates and simplifies the management of direct response inventory and allocations for TV stations or networks who include this type of programming in their line-up.
WO Long Form DR’s calendar view allows you to manage offers within a single interface.

WO Long Form DR allows you to:

Simplify workflows

Easily manage multiple LFDR programming offers, with a calendar view to ensure variety in your schedule

Maximize revenue

Streamline processes to evaluate, negotiate, and manage orders based on your available inventory more effectively


Improve performance

Ten pre-made reports simplify analytics to easily track LFDR progress, effectiveness, and revenue

Simplify LFDR inventory and allocation management

  • Avail Management

    Price, open, track, and negotiate all paid inventory in one place. Simply click on “Manage avails” to allocate and manage direct response inventory.

  • Detailed reporting

    With 10 pre-made reports, stations can pull valuable information to track progress, efficacy of programming, and associated revenue.

  • Calendar view

    Manage multiple offers within a single interface, ensuring schedules offer variety for viewers. Allocate programming throughout an extended period, or drill down to specific timeframes, including a single day.

Available with WO Traffic or WO Network

WO Traffic

Ad trafficking and billing software designed for the changing local landscape, providing a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale end-to-end ad trafficking and sales.

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WO Network

Simplifies every aspect of network ad sales and commercial operations, from proposals and planning, to deal maintenance, stewardship, and billing.

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