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The WideOrbit vision to make it easier to buy and sell media goes well beyond our domestic roots.

End-to-end sales, traffic, and billing operations built for the evolving media landscape

Media companies are challenged by increasing operational complexity in an ever-changing industry. Whether you’re a global broadcast TV group or a specialised radio group in a handful of markets, having an operations partner well-versed in the nuances of the media world is critical to success.

WO Omni

WO Omni is tailored to meet the business needs of linear broadcasters and digital publishers with bespoke regional requirements. From proposals to orders, scheduling to reconciliation, billing to collections, and dynamic, real-time reports, WO Omni makes it easy to manage, optimize, and execute ad sales for any media type.

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WO Omni – Sales

A modern, web-based media sales tool for multi-channel and multi-platform proposal management, WO Omni – Sales allows you to leverage linear and digital assets together, within a single proposal, incorporating rates cards with combined rate types, rates, and impression estimates.

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WO Digital Hub

WO Digital Hub provides a single platform that unifies digital ad sales, operations, execution, and finance across multiple properties and ad servers. Robust integrations with pre-sales, CRM, finance, accounting, performance, analytics, programmatic platforms, and audience measurement data providers allow for automated workflows, increasing efficiency and driving revenue growth.

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Digital Orders

The Digital Orders module for WO Omni is a complete digital order management system for all types of digital ads. Digital orders can be entered directly into WO Omni, while integrations with digital ad managers allow performance information to sync directly with WO Omni for accurate and efficient reconciliation and invoicing.

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