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As consumer patterns change, media buyers and sellers want to transact linear and digital impressions in a single campaign. WO Omni – Sales allows broadcasters with bespoke regional requirements to leverage their linear and digital assets together, within a single proposal, incorporating rate cards with combined rate types, rates, and impression estimates.  A single cross-platform proposal shows you total impressions and CPMs for your linear and digital inventory, as well as sub-totals by channel and platform. Once in progress, you can steward your cross-platform campaigns, and reallocate impressions between channels and platforms to offset anticipated under-delivery and keep the campaign on track.
WO Omni can be deployed as a complete traffic operations solution, from proposal-to-payment, or integrated with best-of-breed third-party systems. WO Omni – Sales is designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, with a modern and intuitive UI to support multi-channel and multi-platform media sales.
WO Omni - Sales dashboard UI

A modern, web-based media sales tool for multi-channel and multi-platform proposal management

An icon of a clock with setting icon on top left to indicate efficiency

Improve efficiency with cross-platform selling

Generate one proposal with multiple channels, including both linear and digital assets


Greater flexibility to improve yield

Create linear and digital rate cards with suggested rate types, rates, and impression estimates

integration icon

Streamline workflows

Integrated traffic operations allow you to generate linear orders for internal trafficking, and create digital insertion orders integrated with external ad servers

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Work from anywhere

A modern and intuitive web-based UI allows AEs to work from the office, from home, or from a client’s office

WO Omni – Sales addresses evolving industry requirements, so you can generate more business while saving time and money

WO Omni - Sales product UI, cross-media deals

Multi-channel proposals

Include multiple properties in a single proposal and see total and sub-total breakdowns by channel and platform

WO Omni - Sales product UI, multi-property deals

Cross-media proposals

Combine linear and digital assets in a proposal and view both airtime and digital grids.

Download a copy of the WO Omni - Sales product overview

WO Omni - Sales, product overview

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