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WO Traffic – Export G/L (General Ledger) is a licensed module that generates an export file (e.g. a .csv format file) for import into a financial system (e.g. Oracle, Great Plains, etc.). The export file includes high-level, rolled-up revenue, invoice, payment, and revenue adjustment data by property, mapping WO Traffic Cash/Trade, Sales Region, Order Type, Revenue Code 1, Revenue Code 2, Revenue Code 3, and Unit Code combinations to General Ledger account numbers to record journal entries.

WO Traffic – Export G/L allows you to:

An icon of a clock with setting icon on top left to indicate efficiency

Improve efficiency with automated data export that meets file specifications for your G/L system


Eliminate data entry errors common with manual file creation


Customize revenue buckets to meet specific needs

Map multiple WO Traffic transaction types for inclusion in the export file

  • Invoices

    Data is pulled from header information for revenue codes 1, 2, and 3 and includes all spots that have an invoice date within the export date range.

  • Payments

    Data is pulled from order header-level revenue codes that are sourced from payment entries. This is used in conjunction with your defined Payment Types.

  • Accrual

    Data is pulled from spot-level revenue codes and includes all spots that are not invoiced or spots that are invoiced with an invoice date that is after the export date range.

  • Revenue (Invoiced and Un-Invoiced)

    Data is pulled from the spot/line-level and includes all spots, invoiced or un-invoiced, with an intended air date within the export date range.

  • Revenue (Invoiced)

    Data is pulled from spot/line-level and includes all spots that have an invoice date within the export date range.

  • Invoice Custom Bill Plans

    Data is pulled from the Custom Difference value in the Invoice Custom Balancing Report. The Db/Cr fields in the mapping are disabled. The Custom Difference determines the debit or credit values for gross, agency commission, and net. Custom bill plans do not support taxes.

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