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Advertisers need accurate, timely airtime reports, delivered on a recurring cadence – daily, weekly, monthly, or as requested. To meet that need, broadcasters spend considerable time and resources manually compiling and sending airtime reports to buyers, often multiple times per week for a single advertiser or agency.
WO Airtimes helps TV and radio broadcasters and networks reduce the time and effort spent on recurring airtime reports. By integrating with WO Traffic or WO Network, WO Airtimes automatically generates and delivers accurate reports to agencies, brands, or advertisers.
Seamlessly integrating with the WideOrbit systems you already use, WO Airtimes allows you to, “Set it and forget it.”  Simply set the correct parameters and automate data retrieval and reporting to create easy-to-manage, pre- and post-log reports that are automatically sent to agencies, brands, and advertisers. By automating airtime reports, broadcasters can save considerable time and resources while providing advertisers with the insights they need to make the more informed, cost-effective decisions to optimize advertising spend.

WO Airtimes will help you:

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Improve efficiency

Reduce manual effort with automated airtime reporting


Improve accuracy

Reduce errors by automating compliance with client-defined parameters


Improve client satisfaction

Customize reports based on your clients’ data, format, and cadence requirements

Connect directly with WideOrbit data for:

  • Accurate reporting

    Reduce manual effort with automation to generate and send airtime reports to agencies, brands, or advertisers, improving both accuracy and efficiency

  • Customizable reporting

    Define parameters per client to pull reports, automate data reporting, and distribute in the client’s preferred format, (PDF, Excel, or TIP), on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence

  • Improved visibility

    See which spots have aired or are scheduled to air with pre- and post-log reports

Available with WO Traffic or WO Network

WO Traffic

Ad trafficking and billing software designed for the changing local landscape, providing a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale end-to-end ad trafficking and sales.

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WO Network

Simplifies every aspect of network ad sales and commercial operations, from proposals and planning, to deal maintenance, stewardship, and billing.

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