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Timely Transformed Data for Enterprise Analytical Applications

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Certain business requirements call for access to curated data for analytical and business intelligence workloads. This can be challenging for media companies using any combination of systems that are on-premise, cloud-based, and/or hosted by WideOrbit, resulting in multiple backend database types.
WO Data Bridge revolutionizes large dataset management, providing a gateway to advanced business intelligence and analytics. WO Data Bridge provides access to data in various forms, including raw and curated. Curated data is transformed using proprietary WideOrbit calculations and logic. Enriched data is also available when integrating external data sources and mapping all data sets together. With WO Data Bridge, you can set data to refresh multiple times per day or on a schedule of your choice. And as a serverless, cloud-based solution, no hardware investment is required. Data integration expertise, scripts, and management and consulting services available from WideOrbit will help you quickly unlock the power of your data.

A Flexible Data Solution Designed to Inform and Enhance Your Business’s Data Strategy


Raw and Curated Data

Feed raw and/or curated data to your data lake, corporate data warehouse, or data unification platform


Multiple Daily Data Loads

Data loads scheduled multiple times per day, with big data extracted from the individual source row-level


Bring Your Own Platform

Choose the ideal platform* for your Business Intelligence strategy and WideOrbit will ensure your data is delivered, transformed, and stored

Unlock the Power of Your Data with WO Data Bridge

WO Data Bridge can be part of your organization's data warehousing pipeline

wo data bridge workflow diagram

WideOrbit’s Guided Process Makes Upgrading from WO Analytics Easy, without Impacting Your Business

1. Secure a Business Intelligence platform of your choice, including Tableau*
2. Obtain a WO Data Bridge license from WideOrbit
3. Schedule a WO Data Bridge implementation date with your Customer Success Manager and continue using WO Analytics without interruption

*Business Intelligence platform must be licensed directly from provider. Tableau data sources and pre-built dashboards are also available for a complete solution.

a graphic that illustrates upgrading from wo analytics to wo data bridge

Discover which data solution is right for your business

Feature WO Data Bridge WO Analytics ETL WideOrbit.io
Multiple data refreshes available Yes No Yes, every 5 minutes
Hardware investment required No Yes No
Implementation time 2 Months 2 Months 1 Day (configuration)
Quantity of data sources supported Multiple Multiple One
Custom data import from non-WideOrbit sources Yes Yes No
Access historical data to see long term trends Yes Yes Yes
WideOrbit product integrations support WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Omni, WO Fusion, WO Digital Hub WO Traffic, WO Network, Digital Orders WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Omni
Integrated with Revenue Analytics® for revenue insights Yes Yes N/A
Pre-built data warehouse Yes, multi-cloud hosted environment Yes, on-premise N/A
Data processing type ELT ETL N/A
Pre-built business logic and data sources Yes Yes N/A
Dashboards to visualize data in your business intelligence or visualization tool, based on your business needs Available as a WideOrbit Professional Services engagement Available as a WideOrbit Professional Services engagement N/A

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Unlock the power of your data with WO Data Bridge

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