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July 16, 2021

Streamlining TV ad proposals and sales across linear and digital

With the continued convergence of linear TV and digital advertising, today’s media sales teams are challenged by inefficient proposal workflows. Inaccurate or outdated information can slow execution time, while siloed sales systems add excessive complexity.

Committed to working closely with our customers to improve existing processes, WideOrbit offers WO Media Sales to help broadcasters streamline TV ad sales and proposal management. WO Media Sales empowers your TV sales teams to build better proposals faster, with a full suite of tools that leverage account information and inventory availability, along with audience research and delivery metrics. Integration with WO Traffic, WideOrbit’s flagship media operations, traffic, and billing software, extends data consistency across both digital and linear TV.​

Visibility into what inventory exists and can be cleared without conflict is essential for broadcast TV reps. With WO Media Sales, your reps can view capacity and sell-out level information in real-time, including how many spots were sold in a given week, what spots are available, and rates for spot times in a particular show. With this information, reps can compare the rates that are being proposed to previously agreed upon historical rates, without moving between systems.

When ready to enter orders, broadcast TV sales reps can enter orders from third-party sales systems into WO Traffic, however, program names on proposals don’t often directly correspond to inventory codes in WO Traffic, making this process confusing and inefficient. The WO Media Sales and WO Traffic integration offers inventory code synchronization between the two systems that combines programming data, often maintained by two separate organizations, to reduce the need for manual data entry.

While streamlining TV ad sales and proposals, your media sales teams must continue to meet advertisers’ delivery and performance expectations. WO Media Sales’ advanced Posting Module for campaign monitoring provides visibility into where spots are running and how they’re performing. Your team can share this information with advertisers/agencies to demonstrate spot performance. Data is combined with audience measurement from Nielsen and/or Comscore for even greater visibility into performance. This information also allows you to stay ahead of campaign outcomes and make midcourse corrections to prevent under-delivery.

When it comes to convergence, the ability to create linear and digital orders together is a critical component of streamlining ad proposals and sales.  WideOrbit’s Digital Orders module for WO Traffic integrates with digital ad servers, like Google Ad Manager, to deliver campaigns to digital platforms, (desktop, mobile web, mobile app, video, live stream, OTT), and then reconcile the delivered impressions back to WO Traffic.  Electronic Contracting functionality in WO Media Sales allows you to automatically process and validate combined linear and digital orders in WO Traffic, reducing manual data entry and clean-up to streamline workflows and reporting processes.

WideOrbit is excited to offer the WO Media Sales and WO Traffic integration to help your media sales teams streamline TV ad proposals and sales.

For more information on the WO Media Sales and WO Traffic integration, watch a recording of our recent webinar, Widen Your World: WO Media Sales + WO Traffic, or contact us to get started with the integration or to learn more.

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