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TV advertising inventory yield management is paramount for networks in today’s highly competitive advertising business. Under-delivering on campaigns increases liability, while over-delivering leaves money on the table.
Audience Delivery Optimizer (ADO) is a licensed module within WO Network that optimizes unit placement on behalf of advertisers, based on primary demographic and current delivery, reducing liability for the network while maximizing revenue return on delivered impressions.

WO Network – Audience Delivery Optimizer allows you to:


Optimize ad placement on behalf of advertisers


Reduce liability by preventing shortfalls


Maximize inventory value by reducing Audience Deficiency Units

Prevent Under-Delivery to Reduce Liability, Prevent Over-Delivery to Maximize Revenue

Networks guarantee delivery of a set number of impressions as part of every deal. A shortfall results in financial liability that must be managed during the flight of the deal, while a surplus results in lost revenue on the impressions that exceed the guarantee, for which the advertiser does not pay.

To address these fundamental challenges, WO Network – Audience Delivery Optimizer reorganizes select unit placements to garner more impressions without materially sacrificing delivery of units on another deal currently running. Optimized placements are far less likely to either under- or over-deliver, resulting in reduced liability and maximized revenue.

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