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Faced with limited budgets and an increasing need to do more with less, radio broadcasters demand robust, flexible, scalable, and user-friendly radio automation software to keep listeners engaged around the clock. WO Automation for Radio simplifies workflows and reduces costs, helping broadcasters of any size, particularly those with distributed operations, deliver compelling programming more easily.

Powerful, in-app widgets to do more – anytime, anywhere

  • Stack control for real-time on-air control
  • Playlist
  • Recording
  • Hotkeys
  • Audio Library
  • Quick Audio Recording & Insertion
  • Remote Voice Tracking
WO AFR Radio Automation Software Screenshot

WO Automation for Radio allows you to

A computer, ipad, and mobile icon

Access the entire in-studio experience remotely, from home or on-the-go

A radio with signal wave icon

Leverage talent and content across stations and markets

An icon of a clock with setting icon on top left to indicate efficiency

Increase efficiency by integrating with other systems you use every day

Scalable radio automation to centralize operations and simplify workflows:

  • Radio Client

    Allows talent in any market to manage any of your radio stations in real-time

  • Remote Radio Station Management

    Access via native desktop apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, and mobile apps for iOS

  • Multi-Market Voice Tracking

    Record voice tracks remotely to leverage talent across markets

  • Audio Finder

    Remote management of audio libraries from any device in your organization

  • Customizable UI & User Rights

    Show/hide widgets and control what features talent have access to

  • Remote Content & Playlists

    Record, import, edit, and convert music and spots just once for automatic distribution to all your markets

WideOrbit AFR Mobile

With 24 hours of content airing 365 days a year, radio stations are often caught in a balancing act between timely content, in-station operations, talent availability, and budget constraints.

WideOrbit AFR Mobile is a native iOS app that allows users to control WO Automation for Radio from anywhere, allowing for immediate action based on programming’s ever-changing needs. Staff can modify programming instantly and on-air talent can control the station during radio remote broadcasts or sporting events, eliminating the need for a board operator.

Up-to-the-minute coverage: Immediately respond to local situations, like severe weather, breaking news, and emergencies, to captivate audiences and keep talent engaged with your audience.

Seamless connectivity anywhere: Reliable access to full station control, instant recording, and on-the-fly voice tracking right from your iPhone or iPad.

Optimized resources: Eliminate unnecessary in-station costs and unreliable third-party viewing solutions.

WO Automation for Radio Integrations

Leading media companies partner with us to help them say hello to a wider world

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Discover how WO Automation for Radio helps the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications support five professional-quality stations while satisfying the needs of students and media pros alike.

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