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Inventory yield management is paramount for TV networks in today’s highly competitive advertising business. Under-delivering on campaigns increases liability, while over-delivering leaves money on the table.
A licensed feature of WO Network, WideOrbit’s ADU Prediction Tool identifies the number of Audience Deficiency Units (ADUs) needed to deliver on a deal, based on criteria selected by the user. Using predictive analytics, the ADU Prediction Tool then suggests on which selling names and weeks those ADUs should be placed.
Once approved, ADUs are dynamically added to a deal directly from the ADU Prediction Tool.

WO Network – ADU Prediction Tool allows you to:


Maximize use of inventory with better unit placement based on projected delivery


Reduce liability by delivering on a deal’s impression goals


Save time and money with automation to help plan and predict ADU requirements

Optional Settings to Save Even More Time

  • Fulfillment Option

    The Fulfillment Option will build an ADU recap package based on the under-delivering daypart mix or sold daypart mix.

  • Start Date

    Allows you to select a start week within a quarter. Defaults to the current quarter.

  • Length

    Allows you to select up to an entire quarter for the offer.

  • Use Flighting from Units on Deal

    Uses the flight dates from the units on the deal rather than the flights tab.

  • Daypart Mix

    Option to create daypart mix based on the quarter or deal from Active or Archived.

  • Delivery Index

    Allows you to select the percentage of the delivery you wish, up to 120%.

  • Rotation Preferred

    Allows you to allocate units to a “rotator”, Selling Name first, otherwise defaults to highest internal estimates.

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