July 5, 2023

What’s new in WO Traffic v23.0

The latest release of WO Traffic, our flagship broadcast media ad traffic operations platform, introduces key benefits to stations and station groups, helping generate new revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency with enhanced spot-level order validation, streamlined material approvals, the convenience of multi-select for mass import of Material Instructions, and more.

WideOrbit remains committed to investing in its core product and working closely with customers to deliver benefits that positively impact their operations, improving existing processes and finding innovative ways to help media companies navigate a rapidly changing industry landscape.

The newest release of WO Traffic introduces significant improvements to the user experience, streamlining workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Orders+: Major enhancements include a new look, additional functions, and the ability to multi-select single Orders to quickly create an Orders+ Group
  • Property Add to Profile: New options to add a Property more easily to Advertisers, Agencies, Credit Profiles, and Contacts
  • Format Details Report: A new report that brings together Format Instance Details across days, Properties, and Channels, with an efficiency tool for working with many formats across Properties at once
  • Zoom: Frequently requested by clients, a new Zoom option provides a user-controlled option to increase the entire application size, including fonts and grids
  • Material Approval reimagined: Streamlined Material Approval workflow, including an enhanced Status tab on Materials
  • Electronic Materials: The ability to multi-select and mass import Electronic Materials, creating many in a single action
  • Political Type: A new Political Type field offers a centralized way to identify political advertising on Advertisers and Orders, with a reporting tool in Revenue, Pacing, and Spot Details

Clients can realize further benefits from the following additional enhancements to WO Traffic v23.0:

  • An added process to receive and view lift impressions for ads not replaced on a stream when using WO Traffic’s Addressable Ad Replacement
  • Digital Orders enhancements, including improvements to digital-only billing, advanced grouping with Google Ad Manager, and electronic invoicing enhancements
  • New Placer conflict and override tools for managing oversell of bookends
  • An optional process at log finalization for creating up to seven days of automation-ready playlist files for use in the event of an emergency
  • An Electronic Material Instructions Trial tool that allows users without a license to “test drive” the module by creating their own simple Electronic Material Instructions records and importing them.

We’re excited to introduce WO Traffic v23.0, with new features focused on accelerating efficiencies, reducing costs, and maximizing revenue for broadcast stations, now available for general release. 

For more information on the latest release of WO Traffic, request a recording of our recent webinar, One Platform, Multiple Solutions: What’s New in WO Traffic v23.0.

If you’re currently running an older version of WO Traffic, you can upgrade directly to WO Traffic v23.0 and enjoy all the benefits of prior releases.

To upgrade* to WO Traffic v23.0 or to learn more, please contact us. Existing customers can use the same link to request available training engagements from our Professional Services team.

*If you’re an employee of a corporate group who has a contact who works with WideOrbit on planning upgrades and other activities, please discuss your upgrade options directly with your corporate contact.

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