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WO Sales Console allows you to


Improve accuracy by eliminating re-keying errors with system-to-system integrations with buy-side partners like Mediaocean, Freewheel, and Hudson MX


Consolidate data to make informed decisions when managing proposals and orders within WO Sales Console, based on insights from WO Traffic data


Improve visibility to easily spot discrepancies by tracking changes between proposal versions during negotiation, as well as by comparing proposals to orders, to ensure the accuracy of rates and estimates


Track performance as spots air with easy-to-read visuals that pinpoint where spots are under- or over- delivering

Media transactions have become increasingly complex, with sales teams juggling disparate systems to manage avail requests, proposals, orders, revisions, and makegoods. The resulting inefficiencies, including the inability to effectively price across multiple channels and limited visibility across demand, can overcomplicate inventory management and stall revenue growth.
The process to request local spot TV inventory, send back avails and pricing, negotiate and tweak details, secure the deal, and ultimately, provide proof-of-performance reporting, is long, manual, tedious and filled with opportunity for human error. WO Sales Console is a comprehensive solution to increase overall speed and efficiency, allowing stations to simplify the steps involved without compromising control.

WO Sales Console brings you aggregated demand through the following agency integrations.

Simplify sales processes while maintaining control

  • Consolidate Demand

    Avail requests from multiple buy-side systems, all in one place

  • Automate Workflows

    Electronic proposal management and negotiation

  • Optimize Inventory Yield

    Customizable makegood rules and recommendations

  • Streamline Execution

    Simplified stewardship and posting

Available with

Streamline traditional sales workflows by enabling direct communication with buyers through integrated partners

Incoming Demand + Needs Attention

The Inbox keeps track of all incoming avail requests, countered proposals, incoming orders/revisions, makegoods that need to be sent to buyers, and rejected makegoods.

Proposal Negotiation

Changes between versions are highlighted and details show on hover. Also view sellout levels and rate and estimate guides that compare against WO Traffic.

Compare Incoming Orders with Negotiated Proposals

Link a proposal to an order to highlight rate and estimate discrepancies before sending the order to WO Traffic.

Track Performance

See a by-week, by-daypart overview of an order’s performance. Drill into spot-level delivery by opening the Delivery Indicator.

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