WO Programmatic Open Marketplace

WideOrbit’s programmatic TV Open Marketplace lets ad buyers make automated, data-informed offers on the industry’s largest source of programmatic TV ad inventory. Open Marketplace lets ad buyers surface and secure 24-7-365 inventory from more than 1,000 stations and networks, then optimize campaign performance in mid-flight.

Trusted inventory, quality control

Expansive Reach

Buy premium programmatic TV inventory from stations that reach up to 96% of U.S. households, including all top 50 media markets.

Opportunistic, Targeted Buying

Secure advertising up to one day in advance of air time. Upload data to inform offers on spot prices and pinpoint the right placements for engaging target audiences.

Transparency in Every Transaction

Make offers on any station-controlled inventory -- any show, any time – and have confidence that your brands are adjacent to the programming that you have selected.

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