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TV and radio broadcasters face increasingly complex challenges as the media industry continues to evolve. New technologies, delivery platforms, and consumption behaviors present new revenue opportunities even as they make media ad sales more complicated than ever before.
WO Traffic is an end-to-end solution built for the changing local landscape, providing a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale ad sales both today and into the future. Even the largest ownership groups can leverage new revenue streams by unifying station operations on a shared technology infrastructure, one that provides a single system of record and that offers integrated solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.
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Built by media experts to help you


Find peace of mind with the stability and reliability of a proven and trusted solution


Reduce both risks and costs associated with integrating multiple, disparate solutions

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Improve efficiencies by centralizing ad operations across properties, markets, and media types

WO Traffic is the market leader in TV and radio traffic and billing software, designed specifically for linear media.

  • Dynamic Placer Engine

    Automate traditionally manual decisions and determine optimal spot placement for advertisers, while avoiding unfavorable positions and respecting conflicts.

  • Real-Time Ad Inventory Management and Reporting

    Manage ad inventory in real-time with revenue and pacing reports across properties.

  • Extensive Integrations

    Expand your workflows with integrations for business intelligence, finance, on-air automation, and more.

  • Centralized Operations

    Control materials, instructions, credit, and aging across properties and regions.

  • Spot and Log Management

    Manage spots and logs with flexible planner, grid, and calendar tools.

  • A/R Management

    Full Invoice, Aging, and Payment support across the entire organization.

Meet Placer, WO Traffic’s Dynamic Ad Decisioning Engine

By determining optimal spot placement for all advertisers, while avoiding unfavorable positions and respecting conflicts, Placer’s advanced algorithms replicate and automate traditionally manual decisions. This not only empowers users to focus on exceptions but also minimizes errors and maximizes inventory yield.

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Customize your solution with optional modules

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Digital Orders

Simplifies billing by enabling networks to fulfill, invoice, and report on linear and digital orders within a consolidated solution.

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Electronic Material Instructions

Allows for direct import of new and revised instructions, with automated confirmation back to sending systems.

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Order Validation

Ensures all orders comply with broadcaster-defined business rules at the point of order entry.

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Export G/L

Generates an export file that includes high-level, rolled-up revenue, invoice, payment, and revenue adjustment data by property to be imported into a financial system.

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Radio Interchange

Streamlines every step of network and barter advertising with an API-based integration between Network/Barter Partners and WO Traffic customer databases.

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Widen your World by integrating WO Traffic with other WideOrbit and third-party products

WO Airtimes

Provides automated, electronic delivery of airtimes data from WO Traffic to buyers, system-to-system, simplifying normalization and reducing errors.

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WO Automation for Radio

Program and optimize content and ads while simplifying workflows and reducing costs.

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WO Data Bridge

WO Data Bridge provides access to data in various forms, including raw and curated, revolutionizing large dataset management and providing a gateway to advanced business intelligence and analytics.

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WO Digital Hub

A single platform to unify digital ad sales, operations, execution, and finance across multiple properties and ad servers, automating workflows to increase efficiency and drive revenue growth.

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WO Fusion

WO Fusion makes it easy to price, plan, and sell any media type, with multiple audience measurement data sources that provide a unified view of converged audience engagement.

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WO Long Form DR

Provides a unique set of inventory management tools to maximize revenue and streamline processes associated with Long Form Direct Response programming.

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WO Marketplace

Opens access to new demand from buyers seeking near-to- air inventory, increasing competition, which in turn increases inventory value.

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WO Media Sales

Empowers TV ad sales teams to build both linear and digital proposals by leveraging real-time account information, inventory availability, audience research, and delivery metrics.

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WO Order Connect

Provides a direct connection between buy-side systems, such as Mediaocean and HudsonMX, and WO Traffic, allowing sellers to manage orders and makegoods electronically.

WO Payments Suite

Provides A/R management tools to increase on time payments of invoices, reduce financial operating costs, and facilitate consistent best practices.

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Designed for flexibility and adaptability, WideOrbit APIs provide seamless, real-time interaction with your applications, boosting efficiency by allowing you to effortlessly connect with your data.

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WideOrbit Managed Services

Secure your online environment and focus on your core business without the overhead of end-to-end management.

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WideOrbit Integrations

Use your favorite tools through pre-built or custom integrations that extend your WO Traffic workflows.

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