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In an increasingly complex industry, media companies must evolve rapidly to keep pace. But when disparate systems are cobbled together to meet constantly changing needs, the resulting data inconsistencies and workflow inefficiencies can stall success.

WideOrbit integrations connect WideOrbit’s end-to-end digital and linear media operations platform with certified third-party systems and WideOrbit partners to help consistently and efficiently scale your business. Continue using your favorite tools through pre-built or custom integrations that extend your WO Traffic or WO Network workflows – from rights management and sales automation, to payments and business intelligence – all tailored to meet your specific needs.

WideOrbit Integrations will help you

Reduce or eliminate manual workflows across systems

Connect WideOrbit and third-party software for increased functionality

Access and utilize traffic data across multiple systems

WideOrbit product-to-product integrations

WO Traffic + WO Automation for Radio

Seamless integration for dub/purge, playlist, and as-run.

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WO Streaming + WO On Demand

Provides real-time, dynamic ad insertion for on-demand content, allowing broadcasters to effectively monetize time-shifted content.

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WO Analytics ETL

Access all WideOrbit data through a pre-built extract, transform, and load (ETL) process – with business logic applied at every level – to build corporate data warehouses or analytics/pricing solutions.

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Access WideOrbit data for use in 3rd party systems through a variety of specific, pre-built data extracts

WO Traffic and WO Network

WO Traffic and WO Network Data APIs replace unsupported procedures to feed third-party systems, including data warehouses and business insight platforms.

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WO Analytics

Leverage AI powered pricing and proposal optimization with Revenue Analytics.

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Connect WideOrbit data to outside systems through custom-coded, licensable modules built directly into WO Traffic or WO Network

Triton TAP

Provides the ability to enter orders into WO Traffic and process them to Triton TAP. Automatic data delivery from Triton TAP for reconciliation, reporting, and invoicing in WO Traffic. Requires WO Traffic - Digital Orders.

vCreative PPO

Sends Advertisers and Material Group to vPPO. New material request made to WO Traffic, which eliminates duplicate data entry and errors.


Enables Australia’s largest ad buying platform to send orders directly to WO Traffic International.

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