Client Integrations

Extend WideOrbit’s robust, connected workflow to 3rd party systems for increased efficiency and growth.

WO Integrations

Pre-Built Data APIs

Access WideOrbit data for use in outside 3rd party systems through a variety of specific data extracts.

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Licensable Modules

Connect WideOrbit data to outside systems through custom-coded features built directly into WO Traffic or WO Network.

WO Analytics ETL

Access all WideOrbit data through a pre-built extract, transform, and load (ETL) process – with business logic applied at every level – to build corporate data warehouses or analytics/pricing solutions.

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Data extracts and integrations

WideOrbit provides a robust, end-to-end digital and linear operations platform including traffic, rights management, sales automation, payments, and business intelligence. WO Integrations extends our connected workflow outside of the platform to certified, best-of-breed 3rd party systems. Maximize efficiency and drive growth with WO Traffic/WO Network data extracts and integrations tailored to your business.

Optimize Operating Margins

Reduce the inconsistency and redundancy of manual workflows across specialty systems by extracting data directly from WO Traffic or WO Network.

Capitalize Industry Evolution

Leverage the full suite of WideOrbit solutions, including best-of-breed 3rd party integrations, to maximize your business strategy and increase revenue during rapid change.

Access the Data You Need

Utilize data from WideOrbit’s system of record through a variety of connection tools. We offer licensable modules, pre-built data APIs, or custom development.

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