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TV broadcasters are challenged by increasing operational complexity and rising costs in an ever-changing industry. Advertisers expect to buy linear and digital ads within the same campaign, creating a need for broadcasters to include digital in initial proposals. Compounding an already complex workflow is the need to support alternate audience measurement currencies. Broadcasters clearly need a solution that can adapt to evolving business requirements.
WO Fusion Local makes it easy to manage, optimize, and execute proposals and sales for any media type, across markets, with multiple audience measurement currencies. Broadcasters can consolidate and manage linear and digital assets together, leveraging robust integrations with third-party systems to expand workflows. WO Fusion Local’s APIs connect back to existing source systems, including WO Traffic, so broadcasters can continue using the systems they already have in place.

WO Fusion Local allows you to

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Generate one proposal with multiple media types, including both linear and digital assets


Offer advertisers multiple measurement currencies, including Comscore, Nielsen, and bring your own data (BYOD)


Work from anywhere with a modern and intuitive browser-based user interface

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Connect with existing systems through a portfolio of third-party integrations

A cross-media sales platform that keeps pace with your evolving business

Fully Configurable Sales Dashboards

Includes shareable AE, Management, and Research dashlets.

Smart Rate Cards

Manage and optimize rates by station or across markets.

Cross-Media, Multi-Market Proposals

Build cross-media, multi-market proposals including linear, digital, and reach extension.

Universal Product Catalog

Single source of product inventory across all media types and markets.

Sales Connect

A single inbox for exchanging documents with agency systems.

Cross-Media, Multi-Market Campaign Monitoring

View both spot and digital impressions in a single view.

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