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The distinction between traditional linear and digital advertising has blurred, as audiences increasingly consume content across various platforms. As a result, advertisers’ campaign goals have evolved to focus on reaching audiences where they are.
WO Fusion makes it easy to price, plan, and sell any media type, with multiple audience measurement data sources that provide a unified view of converged audience engagement. Media sellers can consolidate linear and digital assets together in a single proposal, leveraging a portfolio of WideOrbit and third-party integrations to expand workflows, including connections with linear and digital order management systems like WO Traffic, WO Network, and WO Digital Hub, for end-to-end converged selling, campaign management, and billing.

A converged ad sales platform that keeps pace with your evolving business

Converged Selling

Price, plan, and sell cross-media, multi-property campaigns


Multiple Audience Measurements

Supports impression- or ratings-based sales, including Comscore, Nielsen, and more

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Integrated Workflows

Integrates with WideOrbit and third-party linear and digital order management systems

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SaaS-Based Platform

Work from anywhere with a modern and intuitive SaaS-based platform

Increase revenue while reducing costs with modern, converged selling workflows

WO Fusion: Converged Local TV and Digital Ad Sales

Linear TV | Digital | Reach Extension | Multi-Market | Multi-Property

Create and Edit Campaign
Add TV Broadcast
Add Digital

Product Catalog

Inventory Across All Media Types and Markets

Product Catalog Dashboard
Audience Prediction Engine
Multi-Market Product Management
Multi-Market Product Management
Schedule View with Conflict Identification
Schedule View with Conflict Identification

Smart Rate Cards

Optimize Rates by Property or Across Markets

National Pressure Grid
Auto Rate Tier Adjustment and Priority Code Assignment

Sales Teams

Define and Manage Sales Users

Custom-Defined Sales Group
Management of Custom-Defined Group of Sales Users

Customizable Dashboard for Actionable Insights

Delivery | Research | Sales

Overnight Research Reports

Nielsen | Comscore | BYOD

Inventory Sellout Tracking

Easily See What’s Already Booked

Campaign Monitoring

Spot and Digital Impressions in a Single View

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