October 11, 2023

WO Digital Hub: Consolidated digital order management for publishers

WO Digital Hub is a consolidated digital order management platform for unifying digital ad sales, operations, execution, and finance across multiple properties and ad servers, with features and workflows to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

Pitch-to-pay workflows

WO Digital Hub simplifies complex workflows to drive revenue growth with a single solution for digital ad management. Our solution unifies digital ad sales across platforms and verticals, and streamlines workflows across CRM, sales, ad servers, third-party performance providers, ad operations, and billing. WO Digital Hub is designed to evolve as industry requirements change, so you can focus on generating more business while saving time and money.

Key features:

  • User-friendly tools for opportunity, order, and line item creation​
  • Extensible product catalog
  • Flexible packaging and pricing models
  • Ad operations and trafficking across multiple ad servers
  • Audience segment guarantees ​
  • Sponsorship calendar​
  • Full billing and reconciliation with invoicing, credit notes ​​
  • Buyer / rep model support

WO Digital Hub takes a modular approach to solving complex business problems, with a RESTful API interface and complete OpenAPI Swagger documentation, for a more open ecosystem.

A converged digital workflow

Centralized products and pricing

All digital products can be managed in WO Digital Hub, covering both sales and trafficking. Our product catalog offers tools to create an abstraction layer, allowing Sales teams to price and package, while Ad Operations takes care of trafficking.

Sell cross-channel

WO Digital Hub is horizontally integrated across vertical-specific linear planning tools, such as WO Fusion Local or WO Fusion Network, to allow sales of local broadcast + digital, network broadcast + digital, or digital only. That means regardless of how advertising is sold, you can have one or many entry points into WO Digital Hub.

Centralized digital execution

WO Digital Hub automates delivery through connections with Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, AdsWizz, Ad-Juster, and other platforms. Because all digital products are configured in WO Digital Hub, all execution is centralized, making reporting and billing reconciliation easy.

Aggregate delivery across first and third-party ad servers

All ad server and non-ad server delivery is aggregated back into WO Digital Hub, pulling in both first- and third-party data. WO Digital Hub offers tools to manually load delivery into the system.

Reconcile impressions for invoicing

WO Digital Hub offers flexible and robust performance-based reporting and invoicing. With all delivery aggregated within the WO Digital Hub system, you can easily produce a reconciled impression billing file that includes order vs line item, contracted vs performance, and first-party vs third-party.

Send reconciled billing file to downstream billing systems

We’re in the process of automating the transfer of the WO Digital Hub billing file into WO Traffic or WO Network.

If you prefer that the billing file goes to your ERP system, WO Digital Hub will produce a file that can be picked up and processed accordingly.

WO Digital Hub allows Sales teams to organize complex offerings into packages that are easy for advertisers to order, while maximizing yield for publishers. Customizable dashboards and analytics provide instant intelligence on order delivery and invoicing to help publishers uncover the most profitable ways to bundle inventory. The platform also helps manage reach extension through its buy-side functionality.

To learn more about how WO Digital Hub helps publishers efficiently sell digital advertising, view our recorded webinar or contact us.