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Manage multiple properties, channels and platforms, as well as multiple media from a single platform


WO Traffic is consistently the #1 recommended traffic software in the industry

Media Traffic Software is the Backbone of Your Operations

Traffic, revenue management and billing are critical to your business operations. Access to the right information at the right time is a must-have in today’s challenging environment. You need a system that will help you drive your organization to be more efficient and effective, enable you to easily add new revenue streams and help you make better decisions.

Manage Multiple Properties, Channels and Platforms

WO Traffic enables companies to manage multiple properties, channels and platforms, as well as multiple media—including TV, radio, media networks, internet, digital display, cable MSO and mobile from a single system. WO Traffic is a scalable, enterprise-wide solution with real-time, flexible reporting that delivers extraordinary visibility and control at all levels of your business.

Optimize Revenue and Drive Efficiencies

WO Traffic helps you run your business more efficiently and effectively. With WO Traffic you can simplify operations, reduce costs and drive new revenue while gaining insight into your business operations.

  • Gain unprecedented insight into business operations across groups, markets, properties and media
  • Drive greater efficiencies through more streamlined workflow
  • Increase the value of your inventory with better visibility and control
  • Expand to new channels and media with a single, consolidated system

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  • Optimize spot placement with a configurable placement engine
  • Simplify log editing with configurable log views and drag-and-drop spot movement
  • Efficiently schedule formats across properties, plus on-the-fly editing
  • Fill unsold inventory with bonus and promotional automated functionality

  • Intelligently manage revenue and inventory across stations, channels and platforms
  • Streamline order entry and management, including Electronic Contract Import and iPad order entry
  • Proactively manage preempts and makegoods with automated email notifications

  • Streamline Accounts Receivable processes, including credit management, invoicing, aging, payments and month-end reporting
  • Successfully manage credit limits and credit stops for advertisers and agencies
  • Manage credit by properties or hubbed regionally or centrally
  • Effectively manage cash and collections with interactive aging and cash in advance functionality
  • Import Lockbox payments for quicker payment processing

  • Utilize comprehensive access to information across all platforms in easy-to-understand reports
  • Make better decisions with easy access to real-time information on inventory, revenue, pacing and projected revenue
  • Begin your day with a snapshot of your business with the user-defined Morning Edge® Report delivered each morning by email

The WO View order entry app allows busy Sales professionals to submit new orders to WO Traffic from their tablet device in an easy-to-use format.

  • Book new orders quickly and easily—even from the client’s office!
  • Draft orders in offline mode and submit when Wi-Fi connected
  • Submit orders securely through WO Central to WO Traffic

The Digital Orders module allows users to manage both airtime and digital advertising together in one system. WO Traffic is the only traffic system that has this functionality and a two-way integration with Google’s DFP Premium.

The Digital Orders module allows you to:

  • Order, report and bill digital advertising in WO Traffic
  • Use alternate approval routing for digital orders
  • Utilize digital advertising industry standard billing practices


  • Two-way integration with Google’s DFP Premium and Abacast Clarity®
  • Simplified workflow – one system for Spot and digital order management
  • Enhanced digital revenue reporting capabilities
  • Consolidated Spot and digital contracts and invoice summary
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  • Standard integrations to more than 40 automation systems
  • Television: Live Log integration to support same-day changes, real-time reconciliation, and automated dub and purge transactions
  • Radio: Live integration with WO Automation for Radio to support same-day changes, real-time reconciliation, and automated dub and purge transactions
  • Full EDI capabilities, including EC, EC change and EI
  • Full integration with WO Program for program scheduling and asset management
  • Bi-directional interfaces with other Program Management systems
  • Full integration with WO Media Sales for the industry’s only integrated traffic, sales and proposal system
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  • Multi-station, multi-channel and multi-platform
  • Insight across platforms, markets, stations and groups
  • Key industry standards and integrations

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