Drive efficiencies and maximize revenue potential with unequalled visibility and control

WO Traffic is the industry’s leading advertising management software solution and the core of WideOrbit’s comprehensive sell-side platform for media companies. WO Traffic is a scalable, enterprise-wide solution that allows companies to effectively and profitably manage ad operations across multiple properties, markets and media platforms from a single, consolidated system.

From proposal to receipt of cash, WO Traffic streamlines workflow and delivers significant operational efficiencies. WO Traffic offers advanced real-time, flexible reporting that provides extraordinary visibility and control at all levels of your business.

Intelligently manage your revenue and inventory across multiple properties, markets and media platforms

Single-Database Solution
Manage across multiple properties, channels, markets and media platforms—including TV, radio and digital—from a single, consolidated system.

Centralized Traffic
Drive greater efficiencies across your stations and markets by centralizing or hubbing traffic operations.

Optimized Placer
Optimize spot placement with a dynamic, configurable spot placement engine.

Flexible Management Tools
Gain better visibility with flexible inventory reporting and management tools that allow high-level and drill-down views across properties, channels and markets.

Streamline payment processing and eliminate errors with automated payment imports from your bank lockbox account to WO Traffic payments.

Centralized Credit & Accounting
Effectively manage credit by properties or hubbed regionally or centrally.

Digital & Streaming
Easily manage airtime, digital and streaming advertising in one system.

Advanced Reporting
Make better decisions with advanced, customizable, real-time reports on inventory, revenue, pacing and projected revenue.

Mobile Device Support
Book new orders quickly and easily on your iPad or tablet device with WO View. Draft orders offline and submit when Wi-Fi connected.

Advanced Analytics
Seamless integration with WO Analytics delivers a deeper examination of your operations and significantly improves pricing, inventory control and forecasting accuracy.

“We selected WideOrbit because they have a superior traffic solution that can scale to our business and deliver complete visibility and sophisticated reporting that will provide us with a more timely understanding of our performance in each region, market and station.”

— Evan Masyr, Chief Financial Officer at Salem Communications

Your workflow optimized with WO Traffic