Integrated Digital Ad Management

The Digital Orders module in WO Traffic makes it easy to sell, fulfill, invoice and report on digital and cross-screen campaigns. Simplify billing by reconciling and invoicing linear and digital orders with a consolidated solution.

Unite linear and digital advertising workflows

Seamless Two-Way Integration
Streamline workflow via integration with Google’s DFP Premium and WO Streaming. WO Traffic retrieves inventory forecasts and delivery data for consolidated billing.

Industry Standards
Manage orders and revenue following digital advertising industry standards for billing practices.

Inventory Reporting
View avails at the line level to speed up order entry process and make guaranteed billing more accurate.

Performance Reporting
Quickly and easily view the most up-to-date reporting on impressions and clicks.

Consolidated Revenue Reporting
Detailed reporting on airtimes and digital delivers drill-down analysis and consolidated roll-up reporting.

Consolidated Invoice Summary
Spot and digital contracts and invoice summaries simplify invoicing and billing.

Drive digital and cross-screen ad sales

  • View inventory avails at the line level
  • Generate sales from two-way integrations with DoubleClick for Publishers and WO Streaming
  • Track performance with up-to-date reporting on impressions and clicks
Streamline ad operations

  • Eliminate redundant data entry for orders with spot and digital components
  • Simplify financial operations with consolidated contract and invoice summaries
  • Create actionable reports with insights on linear and digital revenue performance