WO Digital Hub

WO Digital Hub unites sales, ad ops and finance on a single solution to simplify complex workflows. Flexible integrations keep data transparent and consistent across the organization, increasing efficiency and driving revenue growth.

Automated TV advertising

TV stations and networks have some of the most premium advertising inventory in the world. However, fragmentation and manual workflows can limit demand opportunities and negatively impact value. Now you have three ways to sell your inventory.

Simplify ad sales operations

Automate order push, pricing rules,
proposal approvals and reporting. Easily
generate and deliver accurate invoices
with automated billing.

Centralize key business information

Provide company-wide access to product
catalogs, inventory avails, approvals, delivery
data and rate cards. Integrate with CRM, ad
serving and accounting systems.

Optimize yield

Uncover the most profitable ways to bundle
inventory. Generate revenue forecasts and
package performance reports.

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