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Broadcasters need to glean actionable insights from complex data, assembled from multiple sources. Error-prone spreadsheets hinder the in-depth analysis needed to measure performance and identify revenue opportunities, while third-party business intelligence (BI) tools often involve hefty upfront costs.

WO Analytics Cloud is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for complex implementation. Our cloud-based broadcast media business intelligence software delivers key metrics from your traffic system, down to the spot level, in a unified view across stations, markets, and platforms. Pre-built dashboards make it simple for any user to track pricing, revenue, and sales insights from their desktop or mobile device.

WO Analytics Cloud allows you to:

Access aggregated data across all departments, from anywhere

Analyze and improve business performance

Identify new revenue opportunities

The business insights media operations need most

  • Media-First

    Media-specific KPIs

  • Mobile Enabled

    Cloud-based media analytics accessible anytime, anywhere, via mobile device

  • Multi-User

    Supports multiple user accounts and permission levels

  • Flexible

    High-level overview or drill-down analysis

  • Actionable Information

    Pre-built and customizable dashboards

  • Configurable Data Lake

    Build your own ad-hoc analysis in minutes

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

    Unlock your data

  • Data Sources

    Drill down and share data with just a few clicks

  • Pre-Built Dashboards

    Go beyond “what” happened to discover “how and why”

  • Analytics Server

    Keep data up-to-date and easily accessible

  • Easy Deployment

    Get your system up and running quickly

  • Unified View

    See business metrics across stations, markets, and platforms

WO Analytics Cloud includes several pre-built dashboards to help your company analyze business performance, spot inefficiencies, and pinpoint new revenue


Price and Discount Analysis

Maximize revenue with data analysis to highlight excessive discounts and to identify product categories or advertisers with the most valuable bonus/ADU spots. This dashboard allows you to take a high-level view across markets and months to show all variables and relevant advertisers.

Advertiser Pace Insights

Use advertiser pacing data to identify whether large advertisers who have not yet bought are adhering to or breaking their normal buying patterns. In addition to identifying habitually late buyers, this dashboard also highlights how much new business your teams have brought in.

Period-Over-Period Explorer

Dynamic reporting tool for Executive and Sales management teams to analyze year-over-year trending data. Track major revenue contributors, such as product category, sales region, AE, daypart, etc., for a variety of metrics (i.e. booked or billable revenue, minutes, or spots, etc.).

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