WO Analytics Cloud

WO Analytics Cloud eliminates the extensive implementation process and fees. Our cloud-based solution delivers key business metrics from WO Traffic, down to the spot level, in a unified view across stations, markets and platforms. Pre-built dashboards make it simple for any user to track pricing, revenue and sales insights from their desk or mobile device.

Advanced media business intelligence

Actionable Data From Anywhere

Access immediate insights from anywhere on a mobile device. Intuitive, pre-built dashboards make data easy to understand for any business user.

Improved Business Performance

Discover industry-specific insights like spot revenue leakage, excessive discounts and unresolved pre-empts. Gain high-level analysis or get into the granular details.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate hardware implementation time and large upfront costs with a fully hosted solution. Stay on pace with convenient online trainings.

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Product Feature WO Analytics Enterprise WO Analytics Cloud
Mobile App Yes Yes
Dashboards Pre-built + Bonus Dashboards Customizable (All users) Pre-built Dashboards Customizable (Power users)
Implementation Months Weeks
Costs Upfront System Cost + Monthly Fee (Dedicated server, customizable elements) Low Start-up Cost + Monthly Fee (Fully hosted cloud solution)
Data Sources Multiple Sources (Includes data mapping) Single Source Only (WO Traffic / WO Network)
Custom Data Import Full Capability Limited Capability
Historical Data 4 Past Years Current + Next Year 2 Past Years Current + Next Year
Data Available For Analysis Spot (Revenue), Budget, Pacing, Inventory Capacity, Invoices, Payments, Traffic Log, System Event Log Spot (Revenue), Budget, Pacing, Inventory Capacity
WideOrbit Integrations Fully Supported WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Traffic - Digital Orders
Revenue Analytics Integration Yes No
Trainings Personalized, On-site Standard, Web-based

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