July 20, 2021

WO Network 2021: New features to improve efficiency and maximize revenue

As networks begin to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, they’re seeking out new tools to help them increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize revenue. The latest release of WO Network includes new features and enhancements to help them do exactly that.

While continuing to find innovative ways to help our customers navigate a rapidly changing industry landscape, we remain committed to working closely with customers to improve existing processes, through ongoing innovation and investment in our core products, our TV ad trafficking systems. The result of that collaboration is the launch of several improvements in the newest release of WO Network, our flagship national and cable TV ad management platform, including the introduction of the Electronic Material Instructions module, the industry’s first automated solution to address the long-standing need to simplify and streamline the material instructions process.

A licensed module for WO Network, Electronic Material Instructions integrates with several leading material instructions providers, including PremiumMedia360, ECN, and ITN Networks, with other integrations coming soon, including Warren Lamb. These integrations help networks save time and money by simplifying the exchange of new and revised material instructions between buyers and sellers.

WideOrbit’s ADU Prediction Tool is now also widely available with WO Network 2021. Using predictive analytics to identify the number of Audience Deficiency Units (ADUs) needed to deliver on a deal, the ADU Prediction Tool helps networks increase revenue and reduce liability by minimizing both over- and under-delivery.

Both the Electronic Material Instructions module and ADU Prediction Tool are game changers for our broadcast and cable network customers, promising long-term, positive impact on revenue growth, cost savings, and improved efficiency.

But there’s more. Read on to learn more about the Electronic Material Instructions module and ADU Prediction Tool, as well as to discover what else is new in WO Network 2021.

Electronic Material Instructions

The WO Network – Electronic Material Instructions module electronically aggregates material instructions from multiple sources, which are then imported into WO Network. This eliminates costly errors associated with manual data entry, while allowing direct import of new and revised instructions. The release of this module marks a huge milestone in the industry.

ADU Prediction Tool​

The ADU Prediction Tool identifies the number of Audience Deficiency Units (ADUs) needed to deliver on a deal, based on criteria selected by the user, and suggests on which selling names and weeks those ADUs should be placed.

System-assisted analysis suggesting the number of Audience Deficiency Units and Selling Names eliminates external worksheets and manual calculations.

Reweight Analysis Report

Accessible from outside of the Deals module, this new report includes the ability to reweight multiple Plans/Deals across multiple Properties. The Reweight Analysis Report helps your Sales team save time while providing deeper insight, by combining reweight/remix and Deal Comparison of multiple Deals into a single report.

Ease-of-use enhancements for Sales, Programming, and Commercial Operations teams

Format Grid Avails​

Provides a simplified view of TV advertising inventory information for quick access by Sales, Programming, and TV Commercial Operations departments​.

Recent Menu​

A quick and easy method of opening the last items you accessed, saving you time by eliminating the need to search for current work items again.

Saved Searches​

Allows you to save search criteria with associated Grid Styles to avoid repetitive entry for commonly accessed views of information.​

New Functionality for Sales teams

Brand Various​

Define a default brand on the Advertiser profile that will be used to brand for new units when deals are created or edited, so end users can bypass using the system-defined “Various” brand.

Master Deals​ Wizard

A centralized location to view and manage all deals sold under a single proposal​.

Improved Reactivate Option

Enables users to easily reactivate a deleted Advertiser, Agency, Account Executive, or Contact, with a simple click of a reactivate button.

Efficiency improvements in Log Edit for Commercial Operations teams

Swap Spots of different lengths​

Reduces the number of steps needed to accomplish a swap from two-to-three to just one. ​

Place Unit Options​

Makes moving default values for Place Unit Options to File Menu more intuitive, and shortcuts make different types of moves less awkward​.

WideOrbit is excited to introduce new features focused on revenue growth, cost savings, and improved efficiency with our 2021 release of WO Network, now available for general release. 

For more information on WO Network 2021, request a recording of our recent webinar, One Platform, Multiple Solutions: WO Network, or contact us about upgrading your existing version or to learn more about WO Network.

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