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WideOrbit Partners With PremiumMedia360 to Streamline Electronic Material Instructions

Integration allows agencies and stations to exchange Electronic Material Instructions directly within traffic systems, critical for streamlining operations as TV becomes more complex.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 27, 2020 – WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and Radio inventory and revenue workflow management, has partnered with PremiumMedia360, a leading advertising data automation company, to empower media agencies, TV stations, and cable and national networks to pass Electronic Material Instructions directly between buyer and seller systems. Automated, direct communication of Electronic Material Instructions is a critical component of streamlining TV operations for changing TV content.

The partnership addresses a vital issue in broadcast operations. Currently, when media teams send material instructions – the precise details about which ad creatives to run, and when – media buyers and sellers must exchange instructions through a patchwork of emailed PDFs, spreadsheets, and other files. The recipients must manually transpose the information into their own systems’ fields and formats and then input those files into their respective systems. Across the typical dozen-or-more rounds of back-and-forth between agencies, stations, and networks, this work consumes thousands of hours in manual drudgework every year, and is a leading cause of errors, including the wrong spots running at the wrong times, leaving agencies responsible for the resulting penalties. In the coming years, these challenges stand to become more deeply entrenched as the amount of instructions buyers and sellers exchange grows exponentially to accommodate the explosion of TV content and outlets, including streaming and OTT, as well as dynamic, on-the-fly creative changes.

To address these issues, WideOrbit has integrated WO Traffic and WO Network — the broadcast industry’s most widely-installed, end-to-end ad management platforms — with PremiumMedia360. PremiumMedia360’s system ingests and transposes electronic material instructions directly from agency systems into the Electronic Material Instructions module for WO Traffic or WO Network, with zero manual input, and station users can access all trafficking information and deliver return confirmation directly from within the WideOrbit user interface. Through PremiumMedia360’s existing integrations with agency-side systems, including Mediaocean Spectra, agencies have the same capabilities on their end. As a result, buyers and sellers are now able to access and automatically deliver full, accurate material instructions entirely within the workflow tools they already use – significantly freeing agencies’ and sellers’ time and resources and eliminating costly errors.

“As ad trafficking becomes more complex by the day, media sellers need to instantly access and act on Electronic Material Instructions, right from within the systems they already use to do their jobs,” said Eric Mathewson, WideOrbit Founder and CEO. “Our integration with PremiumMedia360 provides local broadcasters and national networks crucial access to the material instructions data they need, improving efficiency while eliminating errors.”

“Aligning over which ad creatives to run is amongst the most basic fundamentals of the ad business, and yet ironically it is historically one of the most difficult to get right,” added Cordie DePascale, Chief Strategy Officer, PremiumMedia360. “Our partnership with WideOrbit helps provide the clear trafficking alignment that agencies and stations need, at a critical inflection point in the evolution of ad operations.”

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