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July 31, 2020

Set Your Remote Team Up for Success with Cloud-Based, SaaS Solutions

In a recent webinar, executives from Entercom, Weigel Broadcasting, and A+E Networks participated in a panel discussion with WideOrbit Founder and CEO, Eric Mathewson, on the business challenges of an increasingly remote workforce.

All agreed that remote work is here for at least the mid-to-long term and that setting staff up to work successfully from home is a priority.

As the pandemic continues to keep people at home, media companies continue to look for solutions to allow their teams to work better, and smarter, remotely. We previously posted about how our web-enabled solutions for WO TrafficWO Network, WO Media Sales, and WO Program, can offer remote access via any web browser for Mac, PC, and, in some cases, a tablet device as well. Today we’d like to share a bit about the benefits of WideOrbit’s cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) products.

The greatest benefit of SaaS for remote work is that the products can be accessed through any browser, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. And that access is secure, with single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication capabilities. In addition, SaaS products don’t rely on on-premise infrastructure or IT departments, and the software is much easier to keep up to date.

Cloud-based solutions can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs, improve security and reliability, all while providing the flexibility to scale quickly and easily as your business grows.

The current lineup of WideOrbit cloud-native, SaaS products includes:

WO Analytics Cloud: Our cloud-based solution delivers key business metrics from WO Traffic, down to the spot level, in a unified view across stations, markets and platforms. Pre-built dashboards make it simple for any user to track pricing, revenue, and sales insights from their desk or mobile device.

WO Payments Suite: Cloud-based A/R management and payment software, purpose-built for media. Extends automation throughout the entire accounting cycle, from full-featured credit card processing, to an intuitive buyer-facing payment portal utilized by nearly 10,000 ad agencies, to robust cash application and treasury reconciliation tools.

Unified Sales Suite: A set of workflow optimization tools that brings electronic communications from buyers and DSPs to stations faster, condensing the negotiation process. Our Unified Sales Suite also aggregates and compares multiple demand sources, both direct and programmatic advertising, so stations can efficiently sell against both digital and linear inventory to maximize yield.

Digital Suite: WideOrbit’s Digital Suite provides the technical infrastructure to manage, monetize, and measure the reach of streamed and on-demand audio content. Our Digital Suite includes:

  • WO Streaming:  Provides cloud-based distribution and monetization for live audio streaming. Monetize streaming digital content via direct-sold campaigns, as well as through WideOrbit’s ad sales partners and our programmatic platform, WO Ad eXchange. Also provides a great listening experience with high-quality streaming to reach listeners via web, iOS, Android, and smart speakers.
  • WO On Demand: A cloud-based platform that simplifies management, monetization, and measurement for on-demand audio content, including podcasts. WO On Demand can be paired with WO Streaming to provide side-by-side management of your digital audio inventory across channels, and with WO Ad eXchange to provide holistic yield optimization across direct-sold and programmatic channels.
  • WO Ad eXchange: A cloud-based monetization platform enabling Real Time Bidding (RTB) and private deal transactions against live audio inventory.

Contact us to learn more about WideOrbit’s cloud-native and web-enabled solutions today.

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