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WideOrbit WO Analytics Selected by More Than 750 Stations

Media industry’s only dedicated business intelligence solution grew installed base by 150% since last year, previews new enhancements at 2015 NAB Show

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2015 WideOrbit, Inc., the leading provider of advertising management software for media companies, announced strong market acceptance for WO Analytics, an advanced business intelligence solution created expressly for the specialized needs of broadcast businesses. WO Analytics is now the business intelligence solution of choice at more than 750 North America broadcast stations, reflecting 150% growth in adoption and the addition of nearly a station a day to its installed base since the 2014 NAB Show. WO Analytics enjoys a 100% successful implementation record, practically unheard of for a business intelligence solution.

WO Analytics compiles and analyzes data from WideOrbit and third party systems to generate custom reports in numerous pre-built, customizable core dashboards for executives, GMs, sales managers, A/R, finance and AEs — delivering both high-level intelligence and the ability to drill down into the details. This in-depth monitoring and reporting across business operations enables media executives and station managers to identify new business opportunities, improve pricing strategy, increase forecasting accuracy and improve operational efficiencies.

The latest release, WO Analytics v3.5, will be available for preview at the 2015 NAB Show. Recent enhancements in the new version include improved access to data from WideOrbit’s WO Network, WO Program and WO Media Sales solutions; expanded support of third-party data providers; and new reports for predictive modeling and assessing inventory, pricing and yields. Cable customers will also enjoy the optional integration with DealMaker Historical to generate forecasts.

WO Analytics delivers business intelligence to stations that want to improve their profitability by making data-driven pricing and inventory decisions. This will be especially important for broadcasters who want to minimize LUR rebates during the 2016 political season,” said Vijay Kumar, Vice President of Engineering at WideOrbit. “The beauty of WO Analytics is that it works seamlessly with all platforms and data providers. WO Analytics creates no additional capital requirements to prevent stations from driving value from source data in their WideOrbit platform or any other third party system.”

“We are really pleased by the immediate business benefits our clients have derived from WO Analytics,” said Eric R. Mathewson, Founder and CEO of WideOrbit. “Its enthusiastic market acceptance is proof that broadcasters need a business intelligence solution to help them digest complex data and use it to make better decisions. Stations create reams of data every day that can help them improve their profitability. Until WO Analytics, there was no media-specific business intelligence software to help them make sense of it. By delivering powerful business intelligence in an easily actionable format, WO Analytics provides a foundation for executives and station managers to collaborate on driving revenue and cutting costs.”

WideOrbit will demonstrate WO Analytics as part of its comprehensive platform for streamlining operations and maximizing media company revenue at the 2015 NAB Show in booths N5229 and N5829 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 12-16.

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