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WideOrbit Previews WO Media Sales v.6.8 at 2015 NAB Show

Latest release of WideOrbit’s sales management solution creates new efficiencies across sales, CRM and traffic operations

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2015 WideOrbit Inc., the leading provider of advertising management software for media companies, is previewing the latest release of WO Media Sales, its solution for managing sales operations across account management, avails and planning, posting, multimedia selling, research and analysis. WO Media Sales v.6.8, part of WideOrbit’s comprehensive platform used to manage media operations at more than 3,000 television and radio stations, features new workflow efficiencies and support for multi-property, multi-market, multimedia organizations.

Many of the enhancements in WO Media Sales v.6.8 focus on efficiencies across sales, planning, CRM and traffic. Order details entered via WO Media Sales automatically transfer into WO Traffic, eliminating manual re-keying errors and allowing orders to bypass the EC grid and go directly to sales managers for approval. Credit ratings and credit status can be delivered automatically to sales team members before an order is sent to traffic.

Real-time updating of revenue and account activity from WO Traffic to WO Media CRM will give stations better inventory oversight and improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy. Inventory will now update in real time along with information ranging from ratings goals per order line to account-specific traffic codes, giving salespeople immediate visibility of remaining inventory upon submission of new orders.

WO Media Sales’ worfklow with WO Traffic also enables enhanced inventory reporting for better customer service, forecasting and inventory management. The system can generate automated daily updates of Airtimes Delivery and contracted inventory, including detail on Placed, Invoiced, Posted, and Pre-empted spots.

WO Media Sales v.6.8 introduces multi-tier architecture for optimizing installations on corporate servers, enabling broadcast groups to run WO Media Sales over their corporate network and run reports across their entire organization. WideOrbit plans to introduce many new features this year to allow groups to create proposals across multiple properties, markets and media types.

Other benefits of WO Media Sales v.6.8 include:

New CRM features

  • Enhancements to forecasting modules, including customizable dates for opportunities and forecasting; new calculations for generating weighted forecasting estimates; and shorter loading times
  • Sales report templates can now be saved globally so users can share formats with others in the organization
  • Access to the most up-to-date client contact information, demos and buying habits, create and track campaigns, and sync with Microsoft® Outlook or Google.

For TV Stations

  • Enhanced controls for campaign planning, including the ability to hide hiatus weeks in the Planner; consideration of spot length specificity for Need Rate, Rating and CPP; and program loading by date and product
  • A new Posts delivery dashboard
  • Greater flexibility in building rate cards, inducing export of programs from inventory to Excel; sorting by selling books; and filtering by weeks and levels from a Rate Card Excel export

For Radio Stations

  • Real-time sellout information: Skims are available as spots and rates are scheduled.
  • A new Standard Planner Report for campaigns with customizable daypart summary display and output by Total Cost, Total Spots and Average Rate
  • An updated order module for generating estimates in radio-specific formats

WO Media Sales is a comprehensive solution that helps sales organizations operate at peak effectiveness and focus their time on servicing clients and closing sales,” said Eric R. Mathewson, Founder and CEO, WideOrbit. “We remain committed to developing solutions that help media companies maximize efficiencies and generate the highest revenue across their business.”

WideOrbit will demonstrate WO Media Sales as part of its comprehensive single-vendor platform for maximizing media company revenue and streamlining operations at the 2015 NAB Show, Booths N5229 and N5829 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 12-16.

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