March 4, 2015

WO Streaming Launches with Simulcasting Support and New Audience Metrics

Today we have launched WO Streaming, completing the transition of Abacast’s team and products to the WideOrbit family. WO Streaming is the cornerstone audio digital streaming product of our comprehensive solution for managing every element of your integrated media business. We’ve already completed an integration with WO Traffic – Digital Orders, and you should expect to hear more integration news in the near future. You can read much more about WO Streaming at its new site.

We’ve added a great new feature for WO Streaming users who want a better handle on their audience’s composition and listening habits. You can now get audience metrics broken down by listener location, device type (class and sub-class), and their “source” (or portal, such as TuneIn, iHeartRadio, etc.). This information will be helpful for broadcasters to make decisions about programming, ad targeting, revenue generation and more.

WO Streaming now also supports simulcasting, an exciting feature for broadcasters who want to generate value from out-of-DMA listeners accessing live streams. WO Streaming will now let you serve one set of ads to in-DMA listeners and perform ad replacement for out-of-DMA listeners. This is a great complement to Nielsen’s Total Line Reporting, which offers ratings options for broadcasters who simulcast.

Users of the former Abacast Clarity® Digital Radio System will immediately see the WO Streaming difference when they open up the new interface. Although the navigation, functionality and page layout haven’t changed, every page now has a new WO Streaming look and branding consistent with WideOrbit’s family of digital products.

Stay tuned for more news soon about WO Streaming and our continuing support of the latest in digital broadcasting technology!

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