July 13, 2018

WideOrbit Connect: Get to Know Our Radio Speakers

We recently shared the roster of amazing guest speakers joining us for WideOrbit Connect’s TV Track. Radio group attendees can expect great things, too! Over the last five years, our business has grown to embrace many more radio station groups and stations. This growth has resulted in a deepening pool of industry leaders using WideOrbit solutions, many of whom are sharing their expertise with Connect attendees like you.

WO Connect attendees joining us for radio traffic and station operations can expect to hear from a number of industry pros, including:

  • Cristina Cippolla (Vice President, Revenue Management, Townsquare Media) Cristina will share how she uses traffic data and business intelligence software to collaborate with managers at Townsquare’s 317 stations, find new revenue opportunities, and identify potential shortfalls weeks in advance.
  • Phyllis Antoniadis (National Traffic Director, Rogers Communications, Canada’s largest media company) Phyllis will discuss her journey consolidating operations for all of Rogers’ 56 stations across Canada’s vast territories into a single, centralized hub.
  • Danielle Brown (Traffic Manager, WAMU 88.5 American University Radio). After years of manually placing thousands of spots, Danielle collaborated with WideOrbit to take command of her workflow. She will share her learnings and best practices, and how you can apply them at your business.
  • Glennis Crowell (Executive Director, Traffic Systems for Raycom Media) Glennis will demonstrate how she uses traffic data and business intelligence practices to help station-level sales teams drive greater efficiency and impact.

These guest speakers (and many more) will be joined by 20+ insightful presentations from WideOrbit experts. Both days of the two-day agenda will be action packed, but you’ll still have opportunities to network and share with colleagues from across the industry. Keep an eye out for the official WO Connect app, going live later this week!

We can’t wait to see you in San Francisco, August 21-22

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