December 9, 2015

3 Ways WO Programmatic TV Streamlines Station Operations

When we kicked off WO Programmatic TV development, we tapped our 16 years of broadcast workflow experience to ask what traffic professionals would want in an integrated system.

Since our launch in April, we’ve received many questions from traffic and sales operations pros about how programmatic ad sales fits into workflows – or can even improve them. Here are three key benefits a station will enjoy when it opens a programmatic sales channel with WO Programmatic TV:

Get demand and pricing insights

WO Programmatic TV’s integration with WO Traffic and WO Network uses log data to help you make smart decisions about pricing and placements. Our software automatically compares pricing information in the station traffic system, then highlights the programmatic offers that will add incremental revenue. It’s a great way to get a “free look” that compares the offers a station receives across its sales channels.

Because the system integrates with traffic logs, it’s simple to compare the offer rate with spots already placed on the log – as well as inventory and capacity information. Drilling in further delivers details about the station break, including placed spot advertisers and rates.

Automate creative workflows

Stations and networks running WO Programmatic TV don’t have to alter their ad creative processes. Copy and Material instructions as well as content transport arrive with every programmatic offer. Stations and networks can review the ad creative and rotation when the order is accepted. Copy instructions are automatically ingested into the traffic system without any manual rekeying.

Keep the credit department happy

WO Programmatic TV integrates with WO Traffic’s credit management capabilities. Traffic managers and sales teams know where an advertiser stands with accounting when an order arrives because they can their review credit usage in the WO Programmatic TV console. When a programmatic invoice generates in WO Traffic, it’s added to an Invoice Report with payment status and days outstanding for WO Programmatic TV orders.

We’d love to chat with you about how to start accepting and airing programmatic offers. Call your WideOrbit account manager or email our WO Programmatic TV support team at

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