March 17, 2015

Many New Features On The Horizon for WO Automation for Radio 3.7

By William “Dub” Irvin, Director of Product Management for Radio Automation

We are working hard to finish the first release of WO Automation for Radio version 3.7. The new version will have improved memory management and an updated database engine for greater system stability, an improved Sage ENDEC EAS Widget, the ability to insert Hotkeys into the Stack Widget, and major usability improvements to Audio Finder. I could go on and on, because the initial 3.7 release includes over 107 new features!

But as they say in radio—wait, there’s more! With a long list of improvements we still want to make, we plan to release 3.7 R2 this summer with these enhancements:

  • Even tighter MusicMaster integration, including intelligent drop song scheduling and real-time synchronization of all song metadata
  • The ability to export media assets directly from Audio Finder
  • Email functionality within Audio Finder—just enter the client’s email address and the system emails a media asset for you!
  • Improved integration with Axia, eliminating the need for Pathfinder, streamlining setup and improving stability
  • Use of our Temperature Announce feature for Canadian radio stations
  • Improved Leader/Follower features, including enhancements to simplify setup when the Leader and Follower are not on the same Central Server
  • Provisions for easier reconstruction of a Central Server database after a potential catastrophic failure. (One feature we hope no one will ever have to use!)
  • Support for email servers that require the TLS protocol, including Office 360

About William “Dub” Irvin | As WideOrbit’s Director of Product Management for Radio Automation, Dub is responsible for the features of WO Automation for Radio. All customer suggestions are reviewed by Dub and WideOrbit’s other departments to prioritize and design improvements to our product.

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