Selling Ads Across Media Formats: A Publisher’s Success Story

Every day ALM delivers news, data, analysis, marketing solutions and events to discerning audiences yearning for information on the right platform in the right format at the right time. Its complex portfolio of marketing services and publications engages professionals in the insurance, finance, legal, management consulting and commercial real estate markets.

While its advertising operations teams are centralized, ALM has multiple teams that sell advertising and sponsorships across publications and events. Basic operations like managing inventory, executing orders and invoicing clients were challenging, and now the company was adding products and entering new markets.

ALM needed to simplify. It needed faster workflows and efficient systems to decrease its time and effort on order management. WideOrbit and ALM were introduced and began work on implementing WideOrbit’s order management system, WO Digital Hub. Working closely with ALM Chief Digital Officer Dave Saabye, WO Digital Hub was integrated with many of ALM’s key existing systems – from CRM and accounting databases to email and ad servers.

WO Digital Hub simplifies ad sales across media formats for companies like ALM. Download our case study to find out how we help media companies like ALM take control of its advertising business, manage inventory and account for its success.

Case Study: How WO Digital Hub Simplifies Managing Ad Sales Across Media and Publications

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