Accelerate local TV station revenue and ad monetization

WO Programmatic TV is a programmatic marketplace that helps local TV stations accelerate revenue and advertising monetization through direct access to an ecosystem of buying partners and their advertising clients who demand local audiences. WO Programmatic TV allows stations to control precisely what they choose to sell and how to maximize revenue across their portfolio and it enables advertisers to achieve more impact and ROI by reaching their targeted audiences at scale across a wide broadcast TV station footprint.

Benefits for Broadcasters

Benefits for Advertisers

Eliminates the complex ad operation that exists in buying local TV today. By simplifying the process from targeting the audience to delivering the placed spot, we allow the advertiser to focus on more strategic buying patterns in the future.

Full Transparency
Provides full transparency on programmatic transactions from targeted, purchased and delivered spots.

Local Reach
The only platform that can reach audiences of scale with WideOrbit’s 70%+ local inventory footprint.

“The value of our enterprise with WideOrbit extends beyond the immediate and significant benefits of automated process and accelerated report output. It is an opportunity to better serve our clients by replacing legacy conventions with modern, performance-based metrics in a system built for continuous optimization and iterative improvement.”

— Janice Finkel-Greene, EVP, Buying Analytics, MAGNA GLOBAL

The Power and Potential of Programmatic TV

Why are buyers excited?

“It’s not a matter of will it be programmatic or not. Two or three years from now, this is just how people will transact all media on a global scale.”
– Mike Racic, iCrossing