Accelerate revenue and tap into new demand sources

WO Programmatic Radio is a new sales channel for radio, helping stations accelerate revenue through access to new demand sources.

WO Programmatic Radio allows stations to control precisely what they choose to sell and how to maximize revenue across their portfolio, and it enables advertisers to achieve more impact and ROI by reaching their targeted audiences at scale across a wide radio station footprint.

Benefits for Broadcasters

Maintain Control
Broadcasters maintain control of inventory and pricing – there are no inventory carve outs, and all inventory pricing data remains confidential .

Sellers can see names of specific advertisers and have control to review and accept all offers. Integration with WO Traffic provides visibility into offers across all demand sources to choose the best offer.

Access New Demand
The programmatic marketplace gives broadcasters access to new demand sources.

Full integration with WO Traffic means broadcasters can get started quickly.

Revenue and Workflow optimized with WO Programmatic Radio