Programming and Rights Management

Consolidate the management of one the largest expenses for media companies, content. WO Program can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with WideOrbit’s WO Traffic and WO Network to provide company-wide access to rights, finances, formats, schedules, titles, segments and other key media information.

Control content across platforms and properties

Flexible Reporting
Analyze and report on linear and non-linear rights, licenses, amortization and payment schedules for any combination of networks, channels or markets.

Listings Services
Automate creation of industry standard listings services formats, including Excel, HTML and XML.

Contracts and Finance
Gain visibility into rights and financial implications across all platforms.

Scheduling Tools
Control scheduling of linear and non-linear content across multiple channels, regions and platforms. Meet needs of network, syndicated, multi-feed and multi-time zone.

Centralized Data
Unify corporate program information across rights, finance, schedules and other operational metadata.

Channel Management
Manage promotions, continuity (logs), secondary events, media and workflow tools.

Simplify workflow with centralized scheduling controls

  • Manage network and affiliate scheduling across multiple properties and time zones
  • Consolidate management of syndicated content and distribution across licensed markets
  • Manage linear and non-linear schedules separately or integrate scheduling rules and rights management
Enforce compliance across networks, stations and platforms

  • Consolidate rights restrictions for linear and non-linear content or manage separately
  • Validate rights windows and availability
  • Evaluate financial implications of scheduling options
Open company-wide access to program data and information

  • Eliminate data duplication with WO Traffic and WO Network integration
  • Allow any department to access data requirements via third-party systems integration
  • Centralize corporate program information across rights, finance and schedules