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Media companies are challenged by increasing operational complexity in an ever-changing industry. New technology, platforms, and consumer behaviors add to that complexity, even as they create new revenue streams.
WO Omni is tailored to meet the business needs of today’s linear and digital sellers, including those with bespoke regional requirements. From proposals to orders, scheduling to reconciliation, billing to collections, and dynamic, real-time reports, WO Omni makes it easy to manage, optimize, and execute ad sales for any media type. With WO Omni, you can centralize operations on a shared technology platform, consolidate and manage linear and digital assets, and leverage robust integrations with third-party systems.
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WO Omni allows you to:


Count on the stability and reliability of a proven and trusted solution


Reduce both risks and costs associated with integrating multiple, disparate solutions

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Improve efficiencies by centralizing linear and digital ad operations

A solid foundation for your cross-media sales, traffic, and finance operations

  • Media Sales

    Cross-media proposals, Rate cards and impression estimates, Campaign performance and stewardship

  • Traffic Operations

    Spot placement optimization, Log preparation and reconciliation, Media management

  • Billing & Collections

    Credit management, Billing and accounts receivable, Export to G/L systems

  • Additional Features

    Multi-currency and language, Dynamic, real-time reports, Robust security and auditing

Modules, integrations, and professional services available from WideOrbit

Electronic Material Instructions

Allows for direct import of new and revised instructions, with automated confirmation back to sending systems

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Export G/L

Export high-level revenue, invoice, payment, and adjusted revenue data mapped to custom G/L accounts for import into financial systems.

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WO Airtimes

Provides automated, electronic delivery of scheduled airtimes direct from WO Omni to buyers for faster turnaround and reduced errors.

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WO DataBridge

Analyze and improve business performance, pinpoint inefficiencies, and identify new revenue opportunities using data from WO Omni, and other complimentary sources.

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WO Order Connect

Provides a direct connection between buy-side systems and WO Omni, allowing sellers to manage orders and makegoods electronically.

Automation for Radio

Live log integration for last minute changes, real-time reconciliation as spots air, and electronic dub and purge lists for streamlined media management.

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Data API

Seamlessly exchange data between WO Omni and third-party systems without compromising data integrity.

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WideOrbit Managed Services

Secure your environment online and focus on your core business without the overhead and expense of on-premises hardware and server maintenance.

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