April 4, 2022

WO Network’s Reweight Analysis Report: Deeper insights to save time and money

Trying to reweight or remix multiple Plans and Deals across multiple properties has traditionally been a manual task. Effective reweight and remix comparisons are critical to optimizing network ad sales but typically require the use of multiple reports. Upfront season in particular demands significant time and effort to reweight/remix Plans and Deals.

WideOrbit’s Reweight Analysis Report, available with the Sales license in WO Network, can provide deeper insights more efficiently by allowing you to quantify quarterly spending changes and analyze daypart mix shifts year-to-year in Plans/Deals.

Accessible from outside of the Deals module in WO Network, this new report includes the ability to reweight multiple Plans/Deals across multiple Properties. The Reweight Analysis Report helps your Sales team save time while providing deeper insight, by combining reweight/remix and Deal Comparison of multiple Deals into a single report.

The Reweight Analysis Report can help you see the differences between a newly created Plan and a Plan created in a prior year, as well as compare multiple Deals.

The Report also allows networks to quantify quarterly spending changes, so you get an apples-to-apples comparison showing how and where spending has changed between quarters year over year, and the impact of those changes on pricing. You can also analyze daypart mix shifts to see if you’re getting more or less inventory during premium dayparts and programming.

The ability to run reports across single or multiple Deals, for both single or multiple properties, allows you to make more informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

The Reweight Analysis Report is now available in WO Network 2021, including the ability to reweight a category as a daypart.

WO Network 2022 is coming soon and will include some enhancements to the Reweight Analysis Report, including a formatted reweight / remix print report and a shortcut from Deals that will automatically launch a new report.

The Reweight Analysis Report helps you generate better Plans and Deals to optimize network ad sales, so that you can reach your revenue goals while helping your customers achieve theirs.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how WideOrbit’s Reweight Analysis Report in WO Network can help your network save time while generating powerful reports.

To get started with Reweight Analysis Report, learn more about the Sales license, or upgrade* your version of WO Network, please contact us.

Existing users can use the same link to learn about available training from our Professional Services team.

*If you’re an employee of a corporate group who has a contact who works with WideOrbit on planning upgrades and other activities, please discuss your upgrade options directly with your corporate contact.

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