May 17, 2024

Save Time and Money with WO Traffic v24.0

WO Traffic provides a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale end-to-end ad trafficking and sales, both today and into the future. WO Traffic v24.0 includes new features and enhancements to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

With over 90 new features and improvements to existing features, it’s impossible to cover them all here. Below are just a few of the highlights.

Data Management

Mass Edit Advertisers

WO Traffic v24.0 includes a new right-click menu option to Mass Edit advertiser profiles, allowing users to efficiently edit several fields for multiple Advertiser Profiles, all at once. The right-click menu includes an option to mass edit several fields on multiple advertisers simultaneously.

There are two tabs available in the Edit Profiles window: The General tab displays the editable header fields on the Advertiser Profiles, and the Revenue Codes tab includes all fields listed on the Advertiser Profiles.

Orders and Orders+ Improvements

External Opportunity ID Field on Order Header

We’ve added a new External Opportunity ID field in Orders to link the opportunity ID from a CRM application to orders in WO Traffic.

The new field is now visible as a column in Order Search and has been integrated as a field in Order Validation and in the WO Data API, and is also included when printing contracts, orders, and invoices.

Support for Comscore or Other Custom Values

In response to customer requests to make it easier to differentiate Comscore demo orders from Nielsen, we’ve incorporated Source and Value fields in Orders. These fields are pass-through values, accessible through a new tab labeled External Information on the Order Header and in the Order Lines.

While the original request was specifically for inclusion of Comscore information, we’ve designed the feature to be generic and adaptable to various business requirements. The fields can be populated with information received from WO Order Connect, TVB3.2 EC Orders, or manually entered by users.

Log Efficiencies

Add Avails, Potential, Sold to the Format Grid

We’ve implemented a redesigned Format Grid, eliminating the view toolbar option, and relocating all ‘show’ items to a new Display Options window. This provides visibility into potential, (pause) sold, and available inventory directly on the Format Grid. Additionally, users have the flexibility to include or exclude specific break codes, priority codes, and displaced spots in their inventory count.

This new view provides a clearer ‘snapshot’ of inventory when navigating the Format Grid. This enhancement is particularly beneficial when there are program changes.

Move Open Time in Log View

This new feature in Log View allows users to move open time from one break to another break, directly within the log. This will save considerable time for log editors who need to edit formats, allowing for drag-and-drop directly on the log, which eliminates the need to go to a separate format window or application area.This new feature in Log View allows users to move open time from one break to another break, directly within the log. This will save considerable time for log editors who need to edit formats, allowing for drag-and-drop directly on the log, which eliminates the need to go to a separate format window or application area.

Spot Clipboard

A Spot Clipboard is now available from Log View, Log Planner, Log Grid, and Spot Manager. The clipboard allows for cut-and-paste functionality for spots, with or without displacing first.

The Spot Clipboard allows drag-and-drop to and from Log View, Log Planner, Log Grid, and Spot Manager. There are right click options for place, displace, and remove, and the list is cleared when the clipboard is closed.


Property Mask on Material Instruction Sets

Users can now select Properties on Instruction Sets, in addition to Channel selection. In previous versions of WO Traffic, running different instructions for one or some of the properties in the Instruction Bundle required the user to select Channels on the Instruction set. Now the property selection on the Instruction Set can be changed if one property runs different instructions than another. The properties on Instruction Sets no longer need to match the properties on the Instruction Bundle. Instead, they can be a subset of the bundle Properties.

Instruction Set properties are added to the following application areas:

  • Material Instructions
  • Electronic Material Instructions
  • Instruction Confirmations
  • Material Instructions Set Report
  • Missing Instructions Report

Option to Exclude Makegoods from Instruction Sets

WO Traffic v24.0 includes a new option inside a Material Instructions set to exclude makegood or bonus spots from the set. Excluded makegoods will stay on the Missing Instruction report until materials are manually applied.


Cash Payment Terms Override in Agency Profiles

WO Traffic v24.0 introduces a new override for the System Settings default ‘Cash Payment Terms’ by Agency or Adv/Agy relationship. Users now have the flexibility to define cash payment terms based on their specific relationships with agencies. These cash payment terms are configured within sales codes, enabling you to tailor them according to your external workflow. The cash payment term override will be visible on both invoices and statements.

Tracking and Resend Option for Invoice Emails

We’ve implemented tracking mechanisms for invoice statuses, providing visibility into the status of invoices. We also introduced a workflow allowing users to set up a scheduled task in the Administration scheduler to identify any auto-email invoices that were not sent and attempt to automatically resend them.

Users can track the status of Invoices via two new fields, Email Status and Email Sent Date, including visibility into whether Invoices were not sent due to a network issue or by user choice.

Cash In Advance Uncleared Tab in AE Profiles

We’ve added a cash in advance Uncleared tab to AE profiles, allowing Account Executives to proactively identify spots on the log that may not air due to a cash in advance uncleared status.

Access Material Instructions from AE profile

We also introduced the ability for Account Executives to access Material Instructions directly from the Orders tab within their profiles. This functionality mirrors what they could previously do from the right-click menu in Order Search, providing another convenient location to find, view, and print Material Instructions for their Orders.

Payment Requests

Users can now create payment requests in WO Traffic that will initiate an email sent by WO Payments Suite to the billing contact. Payment Requests can be created in Orders or Cash In Advance Uncleared. Requests are recorded and visible in the new Orders tab and new Payment Requests application area. For users without WO Payment Suite, Payment Requests can be used as a communication tracking tool within WO Traffic.

Digital Orders Features

Different Default Agency Commissions

We’ve added the ability to set different default Agency Commission rates for Digital vs. Airtime orders. When the defaults are set, Agency Commission no longer needs to be adjusted on individual orders. Default agency commissions apply to Agency Profile, Advertiser Profile (Direct), Adv/Agy Merge, and System Settings, so individual order adjustments are no longer necessary in those areas.

Creative Size Targeting

Digital Orders users can now enter creative level or size level targeting on a digital order line, which will then process to Google Ad Manager (GAM). Creative targeting can be accomplished using fewer order lines than previously required, significantly improving efficiency.

Digital Sponsorship Calendar Enhancements

In the Digital Sponsorship Calendar, we’ve added a new Detail View tab, which allows for easy sorting, filtering, and printing capabilities. All these options are available in the new right-click menu in the Detail View tab. Unlike the original calendar view that only had right-click options to ‘Go To Order’ and ‘Comments’, this new menu is much more extensive. It also allows users to see all the reservations for specific dates, allowing users to manipulate the data to suit their needs, and print/save to file/export.

Digital Products: Billing Source

We’ve also added Billing Source at the Digital Product level. Selecting the Billing Source at the Digital Product level makes it unnecessary to select a Billing Source at the line level – it will default from that digital product. This is especially useful when importing Billing data via Digital External Billing Import (also known as DEBI), where it’s necessary to dictate how an order line will bill, whether by ad server impressions or third-party impressions.

More Exciting New Features

It’s impossible to cover all 90+ new features in WO Traffic v24.0 in a single blog post, so below are just a few additional features.

  • Extended filters added to the Spot Details Report, with the same functionality as in the Spot Manager and Log Summary Report
  • The ability to swap multiple Spots for one in Log Planner and Log Grid
  • An Order header option to flip between expected Ratings and Impressions
  • Material fields 1-5 available in Promo/PSA filler
  • Options to view and apply Material Instructions from Log View, Log Planner, and Log Grid
  • An Episodic Elements tab added to Format Instances, where users can enter optional Episodic values to be used in automation scripts and downstream business logic
  • An Order Validation option to define rules for Approve actions only (licensed feature)

WO Traffic v24.0 is available now for upgrade and includes 90+ new features and enhancements. If you’re currently running an older version of WO Traffic, you can upgrade directly to WO Traffic v24.0 and enjoy all the benefits of prior releases.

View our recently recorded webinar to learn more about how WO Traffic v24.0 can help you do more in less time.

To upgrade to WO Traffic v24.0, or to learn more, please contact us.

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