What’s New in WO Traffic v24.0

New features and enhancements to save you time and money

View this recorded webinar to learn about the exciting new features and enhancements available now in WO Traffic v24.0.

WO Traffic provides a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale end-to-end ad trafficking and sales, both today and into the future. WO Traffic v24.0 includes new features and enhancements to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

In this webinar, our team will show you how WO Traffic v24.0 empowers broadcasters to do more in less time.

View the recording to discover:

  • Adding Properties to Advertiser-Agency Relationships
  • Mass edit Advertiser data
  • New Order fields to connect better to external systems
  • More fields available for Orders+ multi-update
  • View Potential and Sold Avails in the Format Grid
  • Tool to move open time from one break to another quickly and easily
  • Spot Clipboard to allow cut and paste actions for greater log working efficiency
  • New Property mask on Material Instructions Sets and how it will help streamline shared instructions
  • Option to not apply Material Instructions to makegood Spots
  • New Spots tab in Instructions to allow for direct Material application while in the Bundle
  • Cash Payment Terms tool to allow for different terms on Invoices for different Agencies
  • Visible tracking of Emails in Invoice search when using Invoice Email
  • Set different default Agency Commission for Digital Orders
  • Creative Size Targeting for Digital Orders with the Google Ad Manager Integration

View the recording today to learn how the new features and enhancements in WO Traffic v24.0 help broadcasters save time and improve efficiency.

WideOrbit speakers:

Pamela Morris
Sr Manager, Product Management

Leah Dablemont
Senior Business Analyst

Abbe Woodruff
Senior Business Analyst

Yolanda Wilson
Business Analyst

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