August 2, 2022

WO Network 2022: New features to improve efficiency and maximize revenue

WideOrbit remains committed to working closely with customers, to help them improve their existing processes through continuous improvement in our core products, our TV ad trafficking systems. That commitment is evident in the newest release of WO Network, which introduces new features and enhancements to help cable and broadcast networks save time and money.

WO Network 2022 empowers networks to do more in less time, with improvements that include enhancements to the WO Network Placer Engine and Logs, new customer-defined Advanced Log Rules for reducing manual spot movement, and additional enhancements suggested by our clients using the fully integrated Sales, Research, and Proposal tools available under the Sales license in WO Network.

Improvements to WO Network Placer Engine and Logs

WO Network 2022 introduces improvements to the WO Network Placer Engine and Logs designed to help customers increase efficiency in log management and spot placement. To reduce the manual movement of spots on logs, WO Network 2022 includes improvements to Placer logic, as it relates to Product Code separation and the Max Spots/Break behavior.

New Advanced Log Rules

WO Network 2022 introduces a new task called Advanced Log Rules, which reduces manual spot movement within a break using flexible, customer-defined separation rules. The Advanced Log Rules Manager allows you to create and label your own property-specific rules for log placement, and to view and resolve breaks and units that don’t comply with the rules.

Sales Tools Enhancements

We’ve made several improvements to our Sales tools based on customer feedback, including Master Deal, Rate Card, and Reporting enhancements, in addition to improvements within Deals to both Targeting and the Prorating tool. We’ve also made improvements to the Deal Comparison Report and introduced a formattable print option to the Reweight Analysis Report.

Additional Efficiency Enhancements

WO Network 2022 also introduces the following additional efficiency enhancements.

Resize Advertiser and Agency Profile Windows allows you to maximize, minimize, and resize the Advertiser and Agency profile windows. This allows you to view more information quickly and efficiently for an Advertiser or an agency without editing the fields.

Mass Delete Format Templates provides the ability to delete multiple Format Templates that are no longer in use. Efficient removal of unused Format Templates will help prevent incorrect formats from being scheduled.  

Mass Edit Agency/Advertiser Relationship provides the ability to mass update the Billing Calendar and Billing Cycle across multiple advertisers for an agency.

Approval Groups window enhancements include the ability to expand and re-size the window horizontally and vertically, and to export the Users list to Excel. We’ve also modified the Approval Groups window to use the standard grid format, with the ability to filter by column, group by column, and sort within the Users list.

WideOrbit is excited to introduce new features focused on improved revenue growth and efficiency for cable and broadcast network ad management ad management with our 2022 release of WO Network, now available for general release. 

For more information on WO Network 2022, request a recording of our recent webinar, One Platform, Multiple Solutions: What’s New in WO Network 2022, or contact us about upgrading your existing version or to learn more about WO Network.

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