May 21, 2024

WideOrbit’s Susie Hedrick Named One of Radio Ink’s 25th Annual Most Influential Women in Radio

WideOrbit congratulates Susie Hedrick, President and Managing Director, on her inclusion in Radio Ink’s 25th annual Most Influential Women in Radio.

Established in 1999 with 20 women honored, Radio Ink‘s Most Influential Women in Radio list has more than doubled this year, celebrating the significant impact of the contributions made by women across the industry.

Radio Ink asked honorees for their best career advice, why radio is a good career choice for women, and their perspectives on mentorship. Read Susie’s responses below.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever given someone?

One of the best pieces of career advice I’ve given and received is simple: don’t wait. If you feel stuck, talk to people you trust, identify the reason, and make a plan to move forward — don’t wait for others to make changes for you. This might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, changing how you approach your work, or exploring new opportunities.

Why is radio a good career for women?

Radio is a great career path for women because it has such variety. It offers creativity, community involvement, entertainment, journalism, business, and technology — all in one place. And, as the industry continues to evolve, there is a constant need for new talent and fresh perspectives, making it a perfect place for women to contribute and thrive.

If you’ve been a mentor to someone, what is the most satisfying aspect of mentorship?

The best thing about mentoring is the friendships. Even though a relationship may start as mentor-mentee, it often turns into a genuine friendship built on mutual respect. From my own mentoring experiences, I’ve found that it’s a two-way street — I’ve gained as much (maybe more!) as I’ve given. It’s also rewarding to see how my thoughts mix with someone else’s approach — the outcome is often better than I could have imagined.

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