April 16, 2024

Consolidated digital order management with WO Digital Hub

With the number of digital platforms continuously on the rise, a consolidated digital order management system is critical – now more than ever. WO Digital Hub unifies digital ad sales, operations, execution, and finance across multiple properties and ad servers, so you can generate more business while saving time and money.

WO Digital Hub offers:

  • Robust integrations enable pitch-to-pay workflows that leverage integrations with CRM systems, ad servers, third-party performance providers, and finance systems
  • Digital campaign execution through connections with ad servers such as Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, and AdsWizz
  • Performance and revenue reporting with customizable dashboards that provide holistic intelligence across your entire digital landscape

With WO Digital Hub, flexible product modeling helps you uncover the most profitable ways to bundle inventory, with customizable dashboards and analytics that provide intelligence on order delivery and invoicing. Comprehensive reach extension tools allow you to help buyers achieve their campaign impression goals by offering extended reach with digital audio, video, and social media ads. And robust billing capabilities make it easy to import performance and billing information from digital ad managers, so third-party vendors can do the heavy lifting.

WO Digital Hub integrates seamlessly with other WideOrbit solutions to offer a complete, end-to-end solution, including:

Cross-Platform Planning and Execution – Integrate WO Digital Hub with WO Fusion to unlock powerful workflows, in which cross-media campaigns planned in WO Fusion are sent to WO Digital Hub for digital execution and to WO Traffic, WO Network, or WO Omni for linear execution.

Accounts Receivable Automation – Go from order-to-cash fast, with linear and digital consolidated on one invoice, by integrating WO Digital Hub with WO Payments Suite and WO Traffic, WO Network, or WO Omni, for full-featured accounts receivable automation.

Digital Analytics and Reporting – Inform and enhance your business strategy by integrating WO Digital Hub with WideOrbit’s comprehensive and flexible WideOrbit Bridges data solutions, including WO API Bridge and WO Data Bridge.

Comprehensive Regional Functionality

WO Digital Hub also offers comprehensive functionality to support regional language, tax, currency, and regulatory requirements. Regional functionality includes support for:

  • Separate invoicing rules, banking information, and taxes, including VAT, GST, National tax, and more
  • Fees, discounts, and exchange rates
  • Region, country, or company-specific terms and conditions
  • Multiple currencies
  • SIRET Company number
  • CASL and GDPR regulations for various integrations
  • UI language and time zone based on individual user profile

WO Digital Hub helps media companies consolidate digital order management in a single platform for unifying digital ad sales, operations, execution, and finance across multiple properties and ad servers. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, WO Digital Hub is tightly integrated with WideOrbit cross-media ad sales, traffic, billing, and accounts receivable management solutions.

View our recently recorded webinar to learn more about how WO Digital Hub can help you generate more business while saving time and money.

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