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In today’s competitive landscape, broadcasters need sales tools to help them easily and efficiently access new demand, as well as to simplify transactions while maintaining both rate optimization and transparency.
Embracing the digital-style buyer who may not have previously bought local broadcast TV, WO Marketplace opens access to new demand from buyers seeking near-to-air inventory, increasing competition which in turn increases inventory value. With WO Marketplace, you retain full control over which offers to accept, while complete transparency into the client, the rate offered, and the creative allows you to accept only the offers that best fit your criteria.

Built by broadcast advertising experts to help you:

Maximize revenue

Access new, high-quality demand from DSPs and agencies


Maintain control

With full visibility into offers, including client and rate, for comparison against current sold


Improve offer quality

Set your own rate guidance to receive high-quality offers that match your criteria

An icon of a clock with setting icon on top left to indicate efficiency

Increase efficiency

With simplified workflows, including electronic transfer of orders and materials

Selling local broadcast TV advertising has never been easier

Maximize revenue with optimized rates and no makegoods. With WO Marketplace’s new optimizer technology, you’ll receive offers that meet your rate criteria, and selling by daypart/inventory code means less chance of preempts, while non-guaranteed spots mean no makegoods and no posting. Our optimizer technology analyzes buyer CPM goals against available inventory rate guidance and impression projections, ensuring your station receives only high-quality, buy-side offers that fit within the rate guidance you set.

Diagram describing workflow between buyers, optimizer technology, WO Marketplace, and Broadcasters

Improve offer quality with rate guidance set by inventory code

  • New, high-quality demand

    WO Marketplace brings your station new demand from DSPs and agencies via WideOrbit's new buy-side platform, ZingX.

  • Rate guidance

    Easily establish rate guidance by inventory code. Buyers never see your rates, but your rate guidance is used to ensure the offers you see are worth considering.

  • Sell spots by inventory code

    As you’re already used to, increasing the likelihood that spots will air in the intended program.

Easily manage rate guidance, offers, orders, and creative

WO Marketplace Rate Guide

Rate Guide

Set rates against inventory codes to help the optimizer technology guide buyers toward making consistently fair and realistic offers

WO Marketplace Offers Image


Review and accept/reject incoming offers across multiple stations, all in one place

WO Marketplace Orders Image


See which spots are billable, and correct outstanding issues to ensure on-time payments

WO Marketplace Creative Review Image

Creative Review

Review creative before sending material instructions to WO Traffic, including technical detail review, watching the video, and downloading the files

Leverage the power of:

WO Traffic

Ad trafficking and billing software designed for the changing local landscape, providing a solid foundation from which stations can manage, execute, and scale end-to-end ad trafficking and sales.

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ZingX provides DSPs and agencies access to streamlined broadcast TV ad buying processes, bringing WO Marketplace users new buy-side demand.

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