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The Most Modern Radio Automation System Available

To stay competitive in today’s market, Radio stations have to do more with less. You must manage more stations with fewer people and optimize talent time to reduce costs. You need a solution that will scale to meet your needs today and in the future.

WO Automation for Radio is the industry’s most modern and powerful radio automation system, making sure radio stations are on the air and sounding great every minute of every day. And it works seamlessly with WO Traffic, providing the most complete, state-of-the-art solution for Radio broadcasters across sales, traffic, billing and automation.

WideOrbit is a strong, broadcasting-oriented company providing innovative, proven solutions for broadcasters. Everyone on our Radio Automation team is a seasoned radio professional, like you!

Here are just a few of the ways WO Automation for Radio can help you be more efficient and save money:

WO Automation for Radio connects your markets, providing intelligent, automatic failover redundancy for important file transfers and provides a cost effective solution for offsite storage and disaster recovery with automatic backup of all audio content.

  • Music can be recorded, imported, edited or converted in one location and automatically be distributed to all relevant markets.
  • Imaging or commercials can be produced in one location and automatically be distributed group-wide.
  • Push content to other markets easily, even non-audio files such as music or traffic schedules.
  • Unexpected incoming content can be captured in an approval queue to ensure that important content is not overwritten and to prevent unauthorized audio from reaching the air.
  • Each of your markets can search the audio libraries in your other markets, and seamlessly download audio files directly into their own audio libraries.

These tasks can be done from a web browser on any computer in your corporate network, giving you security and the freedom to work anywhere. No more waiting for an available studio!

Click below to see a screen shot of the audio finder:

Are you still using a system that requires you to wipe out a whole day’s log just to remerge? Do you have to go to the studio to “reload” a log after making simple changes? WO Automation for Radio allows you to make instant log changes from anywhere and no reloading is required. Group or regional managers responsible for multiple stations in multiple locations can make instant log changes from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

WO Automation for Radio is perfect for Traffic or Program Directors who deal with last minute schedule changes. Whether in the office or at home, you can view multiple tabbed schedules and make changes that take place immediately without the need to go into the studio to remerge the playlist.

  • A new traffic or music log for a given day can be re-imported without impacting the other parts of the playlist – even if that log is already on the air.
  • Changes made in offices are instantly reflected in the Workstation on-air interface without requiring user intervention in the studio.
  • Traffic Managers can instantly change spots and Program Directors can instantly change music or other programming elements.
  •  The system tracks each event’s modification history, allowing for greater accountability.
  • Playlist editing falls under WO Automation for Radio’s system-wide user rights and privileges policy, granting or denying users the ability to insert, copy, move or delete events.
  • Support for multiple concurrently logged-in users so multiple people can edit the same playlist at the same time.

Is your company still emailing voice tracks between markets? Is it a headache to make sure your remote voice tracks have been recorded before airtime? WO Automation for Radio’s Remote Voice Track features will help save you time and money.

  • Your remote talent can be in one of your other markets or in a home studio anywhere in the world.
  • Remote Voice Track shifts can be assigned from anywhere using a web browser.
  • When the music log is ready, WO Automation for Radio sends the needed audio to the remote jock. WO Automation for Radio even emails the jock to tell them that their shift is ready for voice tracking!
  • When the remote jock records the voice track, it is automatically sent back to the station for broadcast.
  • The progress of remote voice tracking can be monitored from a web browser from anywhere.

Do you still have a binder full of live scripts in your control room (like you did in 1974?) Do you have an accurate way to reconcile live spots? Would you like to increase the efficiency of your traffic and creative departments? The combination of WO Automation for Radio and WO Traffic will help!

  • Last minute log changes can be made in the traffic office and sent to the control room in real time.
  • Spots that are broadcast or fail to broadcast are reconciled in traffic in real time.
  • Live scripts are pulled directly from the traffic database and displayed to the jock in the control room. When the live spot is read, it is automatically reconciled in real time in WO Traffic.
  • The Dub List displays a list of new spots in the production room. All information such as Advertiser name, run dates, etc. are automatically copied from traffic to automation, saving work and reducing errors.
  • When a spot’s run dates are changed in WO Traffic, the spots run dates are automatically changed immediately in automation.
  • When an outdated commercial is deleted in WO Traffic, the corresponding audio can be deleted from WO Automation for Radio.

Below: Playlist Editor can be used to edit logs, both before and after merging. Any changes made here are reflected immediately in the Control Room.

Below: The Dub List widget displays a list of songs and spots that have been entered into WO Traffic or MusicMaster but not yet dubbed into WO Automation for Radio. When you select a song or spot, all relevant information is copied from WO Traffic or MusicMaster. Dubbing has never been faster or less error-prone!

WO Automation for Radio is the only system with a widget-based architecture. Widgets are small programs that perform a specific task, just like apps on your mobile phone. You can install only the widgets that you want to use and each user can configure the widgets in any desired arrangement. Some other systems let you re-arrange the screen, but only WO Automation for Radio lets you create your own widgets to better integrate your systems with ours!

WO Automation for Radio supports an unlimited number of monitors and any screen resolution. Click below to learn more:

Multi-Monitor Layout 

Two or more monitors give you lots of space for all of the widgets you need to do your job. The second screen can also be dedicated to a co-host or producer. click below to learn more:

How well do your automation system and music scheduler work together? Do you have to separately program new songs into both systems? Do your jocks follow the rules when they pick music? Using MusicMaster with WO Automation for Radio can help you reduce errors, save work, and provide a more consistent experience for your audience.

  • A list of replacement songs is shown in the control room if the jock wants to replace a song. The list is provided in real-time by your MusicMaster database and all songs adhere to all of your music rotation rules. If the jock plays one of the replacement songs, your MusicMaster database is updated in real time.
  • Whenever a new song is added to WO Automation for Radio, a file number is automatically generated and a complete song card is created automatically in MusicMaster. No more double work!
  • If a “drop” song is skipped by automation, it is automatically unscheduled in MusicMaster in real time. If the jock plays that song later, it is automatically moved to the correct position in the MusicMaster log. No more manual reconciliation!
  • MusicMaster’s database is automatically updated in real time with the true start time of each event.
  • Jocks can query the MusicMaster for songs, promos, and other content using MusicMaster categories. The play history for each song is displayed. If the jock plays one of the items, the MusicMaster play history and log is updated immediately!
  • Don’t use MusicMaster? WO Automation for Radio can import a log from any other music scheduler.

Below: When the jock wants to replace a song, the MusicMaster widget shows a list of perfect replacements that don’t break any of your programming rules. If the jock selects one of the replacement songs, the MusicMaster database is updated immediately.

WO Automation for Radio integrates with other products that you use every day, including:

  • Popular EAS Endecs: Avoid having EAS events interrupt your programming with our intelligent integration with EAS equipment.
  • Newsroom automation software: Your news reporters can send news content directly to WO Automation for Radio .
  • Mixing Consoles, switchers and routers: WO Automation for Radio has IP-based and GPI-based interfaces with all popular studio equipment.
  • Streaming Services, mobile apps, RDS encoders, and HD importers: WO Automation for Radio can integrate with all content distribution platforms.

Why WideOrbit?

in 6 years have switched
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From Pocatello, Idaho to Dubai, UAE…

Somewhere in the world, a station just like yours relies on WO Automation for Radio to stay on the air and sound great!

  • WideOrbit is an independent company. We aren’t owned by one of your competitors!
  • Everyone on the WO Automation for Radio team is a radio person like you. We have over 600 years of combined radio experience, so we understand your business!
  • WideOrbit offers end-to-end solutions for Radio broadcasters including automation, sales management, analytics, and traffic and billing tools.
  • WideOrbit continually invests in new development to keep our products current.

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