WO Programmatic Digital Audio for sellers

WO Programmatic Digital Audio lets buyers use data to target audiences and automates ad transactions for greater efficiency. Our solution generates new demand and competition for inventory, increasing overall yield for sellers.

Automated selling for digital audio

The digital audio community is growing exponentially and providers struggle to fully monetize their valuable audiences. Brands and agencies increasingly look to secure inventory quickly with programmatic marketplaces.

Simple and flexible

Auction unsold inventory (RTB) or execute
direct deals (Deal ID). Transact through
direct sales, ad network partners and
programmatic from a single place.

Maintain control

Monitor pricing and overall revenue.
Set price floors and define blacklists by
category and advertiser.

Increase digital revenue

Boost CPMs with new demand and
competition for inventory. Grow ad
dollars from unsold spots.

“While we expected to see CPM growth for our digital audio ad inventory, we were pleasantly
surprised to see an increase of more than 50%.”

- ERIC GARCIA, GM / Radio Revenue Chief, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)

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