WO Analytics

Business intelligence purpose-built for the broadcast media industry

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WO Analytics ETL is built specifically for the TV and radio industries to consolidate all relevant data from both WideOrbit and third-party systems within a single analytics platform. A unified view across channels, markets, and platforms makes it simple for any user to analyze business performance, spot inefficiencies, and pinpoint new revenue opportunities.

WO Analytics allows you to:


Aggregate data across departments to make faster, more intelligent decisions

Analyze and improve business performance

Identify new revenue opportunities

Save time by streamlining reporting across departments or properties

WO Analytics provides the business insights media companies need most

  • Media-centric

    Purpose-built for the media industry with media-specific KPIs

  • Access your WideOrbit system data

    Get the full picture with your WideOrbit system data in one place

  • Pre-built dashboards

    Easily track pricing, revenue, and sales insights to go beyond “what” happened to discover “why”

  • Unified view

    See business metrics across stations, markets, and platforms

  • Multi-user

    Supports multiple user accounts and permission levels

  • Flexible

    High-level overview or drill-down analysis

  • Analytics server

    Keep data up-to-date and easily accessible

WO Analytics ETL

WO Analytics ETL is a back-end solution that provides access to all WideOrbit data through a pre-built extract, transform, and load (ETL) process. With business logic applied at every level, you can build corporate data warehouses for immediate access to data with third-party business intelligence solutions. We can also provide pre-built integrations upon request.

Plug and play

Immediately access your WideOrbit data within your data warehouse with seamless, proprietary, intelligent data mapping

Leverage your systems

Continue using your existing front end business intelligence platform

Peace of mind

Peace of mind knowing that WideOrbit is managing and monitoring your business-critical data flow

WO Data Bridge

Certain business requirements call for access to curated data for analytical and business intelligence workloads. This can be challenging for media companies using any combination of systems that are on-premise, cloud-based, and/or hosted by WideOrbit, resulting in multiple backend database types. WO Data Bridge revolutionizes large dataset management, providing a gateway to advanced business intelligence and analytics. WO Data Bridge provides access to data in various forms, including raw and curated.

Raw and Curated Data

Feed raw and/or curated data to your data lake, corporate data warehouse, or data unification platform

Multiple Daily Data Loads

Data loads scheduled multiple times per day, with big data extracted from the individual source row-level

Bring Your Own Platform

Choose the ideal platform* for your business intelligence strategy and WideOrbit will ensure your data is delivered, transformed, and stored

Discover which data solution is right for your business

Feature WO Analytics ETL WO Data Bridge WideOrbit.io
Multiple data refreshes available No Yes Yes, every 5 minutes
Hardware investment required Yes No No
Implementation time 2 Months 2 Months 1 Day (configuration)
Quantity of data sources supported Multiple Multiple One
Custom data import from non-WideOrbit sources Yes Yes No
Access historical data to see long term trends Yes Yes Yes
WideOrbit product integrations support WO Traffic, WO Network, Digital Orders WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Omni, WO Fusion, WO Digital Hub WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Omni
Integrated with Revenue Analytics® for revenue insights Yes Yes N/A
Pre-built data warehouse Yes, on-premise Yes, multi-cloud hosted environment N/A
Data processing type ETL ELT N/A
Pre-built business logic and data sources Yes Yes N/A
Dashboards to visualize data in your business intelligence or visualization tool, based on your business needs Available as a WideOrbit Professional Services engagement Available as a WideOrbit Professional Services engagement N/A

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